going to another chiefs game

usually this would be our Christmas card but no one does that any more.

we are going to another Kansas City Chiefs football game today. they are playing the Oakland raiders. we scored some free tickets cuz we are senior citizens. hell yeah, this old guy can appreciate a pro football game any time.

the weather people said ‘if you are going to the chiefs game, dress warmly’. it will be around 39 degrees. hmm guess i will dress warmly. i remember going to my nephews high school football game at that temp. my face got cold. this game I will bring my alpaca neck scarf i bought in peru.

earlier in the week they predicted rain, but not lately. glad we wont have to deal with rain on top of the cold. we could have pulled a woodstock and chanted ‘no rain, no rain’ but that didn’t work for the hippies.

we are leaving about 11 o clock. the game aint until 3. gonna get there to park and get to our seats before any potential traffic jams. might have lunch somewhere first, dont wanna have overpriced hot dogs for a meal. last game i think we walked over half a mile from our car to the stadium. misho can handle it.

i will wear my Patrick Mahomes jersey i bought. i doubt anyone will see it because i will be bundled up. this will be my second chiefs game i will see this year. the betting line has the chiefs by 10 and a half points. a win will give the chiefs a two game lead in the conference.

wonder if k.c. feels guilt over glomming onto our culture by dressing up like indians and doing stuff like the tomahawk chop. they also have a big drum they bang on. they got some natives to ‘bless’ it so i guess that makes it right.

we will be so far up in the stands that they wont see us. I will be sure not to do the tomahawk chop. I wont wear a colorful head dress either. I wont contribute to any of that. I dont think it honors our culture at all.

glad i have an extra pair of eye glasses. I misplaced or lost or someone moved my glasses. I rarely lose anything and i am not forgetful. i have a place for my keys, wallet etc. i am not obsessive about it but i know where i put things. I am hoping they turn up sometime. they cost me my last per cap.

for the past month I have walked 6 miles a week, every week. I know that aint enough but it is a start. i also do a few sets on the weight machines in the basement when i put wood in the stove.

i saved lotsa money on black friday. I stayed home and didn’t go shopping. I aint a bah humburg type but i don’t believe in all that commercialism. we try to be giving all year, not just one day. we do put up a tree and put gifts under it for the grand kids.

I gotta feed my dog, chickens and fish. then get psyched up for the game. hope i don’t freeze.

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