didn’t freeze at game

we enjoyed the chiefs game sunday. my sister Jackie rode with us. it felt colder the longer we were there. we were in the stadium an hour early. by the time the game started we were feeling it already. 

we planned on arriving early to avoid any traffic. that worked. we drove straight to the stadium. last game it took us at least half an hour to get thru the traffic to the stadium. and another half hour to walk from the parking lot. 

we got to the pay booths for parking in no time. I was ready to hand the girl our money to park. she gave me a look and said  the last guy had an extra parking ticket. she handed it to me and I held it as she scanned it. when she was done I looked at it and it was for $50 and was in the gold zone. we parked a few hundred yards from the stadium. beats walking over half a mile like last time. 

the walk we saved was made up  going up to our seats. we were in  the last two rows. I felt the climb in my legs as we got closer. there were 8 of us Indians in our section. we got our tickets cuz we were senior citizens. we got to visit with each other. 

some guy sitting by us asked if we were native American. we said yeah. he asked what tribe. we said potawatomi. then he introduced us to his two  sons who were ‘micosay’ tribe. they were eagle scouts. he said that they “really did honor” native americans. uh huh. 

the Chiefs were celebrating Native American month. one of our Kickapoo brothers gave the invocation. some northern tribe sang an honor song. later they honored one of our tribal members with the lamar hunt award. we seen there were other Indians at the game by posts on facebook. I still didn’t do the tomahawk chop.

the game was good even if it was cold. mary bought a cup of coffee for $6. can  almost get a pound of coffee for that. its a good thing we ate before we got to the stadium. we were lucky the bathrooms were behind us. we didn’t have to walk down 30 rows of steps and back up 30 rows. 

the chiefs were in control of the game. they played good the whole time. they were up by 21 to  0 at halftime. we were getting colder by then. we agreed we would leave early to avoid traffic. the chiefs scored early after half time. I looked up and seen some snow flakes. I said lets go. so we eased out.

there was no traffic in the parking lot or on the way to I-70.  we listened to the rest of the game on the radio as we drove to the turn pike. we warmed up as we drove. we dressed warm but our feet got cold. later we were told to stand on card board.

I really enjoyed going to the game. mary bought me a chiefs stocking cap for an early Christmas present. I put it on and tossed my old one into her bag. I will treasure my souvenir. 

now I have to wait til Saturday to watch the jayhawks on tv. 


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