where the buffalo roam

I like seeing our buffalo herd as I drive around the rez. or when i am heading to town. I like taking pictures of the buffalo.  sometimes I wish I had a better camera. cell phones are convenient but they cant take pictures like a real good camera.  my Nikon is a point and shoot. it is an inexpensive model, not a top shelf camera. I could take some serious pictures if I had a good camera.

i am glad I bought the boys some k c chiefs t shirts. their school is having spirit week. every day they have to wear something tied to the chiefs. Monday was mahomes day. Andrew had his shirt. Tuesday was wear something yellow. etc.

i was thinking about the last chiefs game I went to. some one behind me asked if we were indian.  they never know what the hell I am. some think indian, Mexican or Asian. they do know I am something ethnic. or is it ‘people of color’. that sounds stupid. i’m not purple.

i answered yeah. then the dad said his kids were ‘mic o say’. and that they really honored native americans. I just nodded. didn’t know what to say. I know i wasnt gonna get all radical and cuss them out like some would. they were just doing something they thought was right. later after a touch down the kid tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a high five.

i didnt do the tomahawk chop after a score. I know it is stupid. but I aint gonna get all shook up over it. I know Indians don’t do that. I get more offended by  the street theater that some of our people do.

i seen the state is trying legalize sports betting. the tribe is trying glom on too. that would be more money we dont get. or rather only some would get. I do hope that sports betting becomes a reality. I would bet on KU winning the national championship. or bet on the chiefs winning the super bowl. etc.

no doubt I am pulling for the chiefs this sunday. I am glad though that the 49ers are in it. I am not a fan of them but I remember living in San Francisco for a coupla months. that was back in my relocation days. I was straight off the rez. i didn’t make it in the big city but I had fun while it lasted. I roamed all over that town.

recently we won a years subscription to the local county rag. my subscription runs out in april. that’s when the prize we won will kick in. I read it to see if any Indians got arrested. way back when, I made the front page of it for public intoxication. musta been a slow news week. I also check to see if any Indians made honor roll. I did for two years when I was in high school.

i have been buying cds lately. I am reloading some of the songs I lost. I have most of my tunes. its only a few I don’t have. the cds I am buying have the songs i am looking for. I will have all my play lists ready for my next road trip. I am ready to hit the road.

it is still winter

it hasn’t been real cold but we got a fire going in the woodstove. we let it go out a day but this country indian gotta have a fire going. I prefer a wood fire to the furnace. the warmth from a wood stove gives me that home feeling.

the temps will be in the 60s this weekend. not bad for February. I will toss more wood into the basement then. gotta take advantage of warm weather. I don’t like to be outside when its cold. we will still have more winter yet.

maybe I will go walk on the paved road since it will be warmer. I have slacked off my walking. I was doing good but I broke my routine. it is hard to get back to it. I will have to make the time.

i seen someone I knew at the nation station, where everybody knows your name. she asked if that was my new car pointing at my Rav4. I said yeah. she said now that she knows who it is  she will wave at me. I said yeah. she said she never knows who will wave at her.

I agreed. I said that’s why I don’t go out and about too much. I never know who aint speaking to me cuz they don’t like my family or my dog. or maybe just don’t like me. who cares. I prefer to be around people that love and respect me. mean people don’t like anyone. they must be bitter because they drove everyone away from themselves.

heard on tv that the average price of a super bowl ticket was almost $8,900. that aint including air fare and hotel costs. I am forced to pass on going to the super bowl this year. aint got that kind of cash. I will sit on my couch to watch the game with buffalo wings and guacamole.

the price aint what is shocking  to me. I find it almost obscene we live in a land of plenty while many have nothing.  there are too many that live under over passes or under bridges. no one likes to  be reminded of the homeless problem  in this country. ignoring the problem hasn’t made it go away so far. it takes away from us being ‘the greatest country in the world’.

yesterday I started to sort more porcupine hair. I haven’t been working on that in awhile. I will do more today. I had a trapper asked me if I wanted to buy 8 ounces of hair. I had to pass because I have plenty on hand. well to be honest I have about 15 pounds of it. I will use that before buying any more.

I was talking bout rabbits recently. that reminds me of a story an old guy told me. a guy was driving down the road. a rabbit ran out in front of him. it veered off the right, then veered off left. then back to the right. then back to the left. that’s when the car ran over it and killed it deader than disco. point of the story is make a decision and go with it instead of being indecisive. I always liked that story. it reminds me of some people I know.

cant wait until the super bowl.

a week until the super bowl

got a whole week to see if the chiefs will win the super bowl. there arent many sports broadcasts that interest me until then. there is another k u basketball game on tomorrow night. I will watch it. other than that I am waiting for the super bowl.

I got the boys some chiefs t shirts. I ordered Andrews’ mahomes shirt off amazon. I couldn’t find one in Samuels size. I had to go to the street vendors that pop up on street corners. I found Samuel a Kelce shirt, even if it was a little big. now they set for the big game.

maybe we will pose for a picture together. its been 50 years since the chiefs were in their last super bowl. I remember the first super bowl the chiefs played against the green bay packers. i was in high school. I must be old.

i haven’t had any luck catching rabbit with my live traps. the traps were in the ditch. water is running from ice and snow melt. I thought maybe that had something to do with it. I moved the traps out of the ditch. still no luck. I wont give up though. I want to eat rabbit.

i was listening to the news this morning. the newscaster questioned whether the experts expect enough republican votes to call for witnesses in trumps impeachment. I am no expert but from what I can see, what does it matter. the so called ‘trial’ is rigged. trump will walk no matter what. they even talk about his defense team being composed of big time lawyers. that too don’t matter. an idiot like guilani can win this already decided case.

last night I heard an owl outside. first thing I thought of was my chickens. I counted them when I was feeding them this morning. they are all there. same with my rooster. I haven’t lost any since the last time some critter killed 9 of them. i don’t raise them for wild animals.

i watched the k u game yesterday on tv. the announcers kept bringing up the so called ‘brawl’. that was no brawl. just pushing and some wild swings. the announcers probably never seen a real brawl. they also don’t understand that kansas ball isn’t like that at all. it was a one time thing.

I have high fived de sousa a few times in the tunnel after games. even though he wasn’t in uniform he still reached out to fans like me. I respect that he stood by us even when he had to sit out. he is a Jayhawk.I even wore his jersey to this years’ first exhibition game.

I also respect McCormack for backing his team mate. loyalty is an admirable trait to me. they are not thugs. they are young men who admit they made a mistake. I know I made mistakes when I was young.

sports announcers need to shut up. fans aren’t interested in announcers opinions. fans want to hear about the game. report the story and don’t be the story. who cares what the announcers think. or the lingo they make up. fans aren’t gonna adopt their terms. they sound stupid.

I have been a K U fan for over half a century. I will always be a Jayhawk fan. no one will sway me away from that. I know our program is a good program. it does not support violence. I stand by our jayhawks not the bald headed has beens. rock chalk.

waiting on the game

my sister jackie beaded me a k.c. chiefs medallion. I will wear it with my mahomes jersey when I watch the super bowl. i got the boys some kc gear too. guess i am longer the fair weather fan. i am back to hard core chief fan. well except for the tomahawk chop. i still think it is stupid to believe indians act like that. well we do have some that are really into street theater.

i went to the clinic to pick up one of my meds. on the way I seen a deer cross the road. i slowed down figuring he or she wouldn’t spook too much. I got a few pictures of it. no rack. so this one is safe for awhile.

i cant stop watching the impeachment. I get tired of hearing the republicans defend trump and his helpers. he will get off no matter what. that shows how justice really works in this country. the rich and powerful can do anything and get away with it. it aint too long til I switch it to king of queens. doug and gang are brighter than trump and his cronies.

i hope people see what is going on. and vote in the next election. I don’t think there can be anyone more self serving than the current president. anyone would be a better person for the job. I have said trump proves anyone can be president. at the same time he also proves that not everyone can be president.

i keep checking my live traps. no rabbit yet. I noticed rabbit tracks next to mine on the way to the traps. them wascal wabbits. they teasing me. I don’t wanna have to get out the old .22. that is too easy.

in my younger day I would head out to hunt rabbits any time it snowed. i would walk all day hunting. when i got too cold i headed home. if i was lucky i had a pile of rabbits. I miss those days. i don’t get out to the timber as much as I should. my age may have something to do with that. my dog aint the only one that don’t wanna walk out there.

the grand daughters went home yesterday. they were with us 5 days. it was great bonding time. they are already close to us. they like coming to our house. they get all the attention they need. they feel at home here. it is a safe house for them.

we are going after the grand sons this afternoon. so today is our town day. we have other things to take care of besides picking them up. we try to do as many things as we can while in town. during the last ice storm I noticed we didnt have any lamp oil. only one lamp was lit up. I will pick some oil up.

in spite of the cold, ice and snow we had this past week or two we are getting eggs. the hens lay every day. not every breed does that. we are getting about 9 eggs a day. that is plenty for us. I sell any surplus eggs to buy more feed.

this country indian gotta see the city lights.

getting a little snow

we are getting some snow. I was out and about on the rez this morning. we took the girls to daycare. they are with us a coupla more days. it is fun having them around. we have the boys every weekend. girls are different than little boys. both are fun. I still believe I was kept alive to enjoy my grand kids.

after dropping off the girls we went to breakfast at the casino. the breakfast there may be a good deal but I prefer my fresh eggs and the bacon we get from the meat locker. i top that off with my hot sauce. breakfast was nice at the casino tho. we had someone waiting on us and filling our coffee cups.

i fed and watered my critters. yesterday I went to town to get more feed. I was in luck. feed was on sale. it was about 3 or 4 bucks a bag cheaper than the local feed store. I bought 4 bags at that price. then I got 5 dollars off from my rewards card and another 5% off cuz it was for being a veteran. I saved  some coin. I buy feed all year long so I am grateful for any savings.

i watched the KU game last night. we won. the downer was the game ended in a brawl. I read comments on social media. some were calling on the player being banned forever from playing. people can get so self righteous at times. the players are kids not brawlers. the way the kid was holding that chair looked like it was more for show than fighting.

when people watch wrestling (or is it Rassling) they go crazy when some one picks up a chair to bash someone with. so why is it so horrible when a kid is doing that. what would hockey be with out the fights. some only watch car races to see the crashes. we patriotically wave our flags when we bomb some body. we live in a violent world. but lets have no fights in basketball games.

i dont agree with fighting over a game though. I was into violence in my youth. seen so much I finally learned that it wasn’t the answer.

people so shocked about a fight at a game. but they got no problem with congressional leaders covering for the president in the impeachment hearing. i knew many prisoners who probably wish they could get the same kind of justice that the rich and powerful get.

snow must be covering my satellite dish. I got no picture on my tv. cant watch the impeachment circus. i say get rid of all politicians. I like the old joke about the meaning of the word “politics”. it is from the root “poli” meaning many and “tics” meaning blood sucking vermin.

I am listening to my pandora radio station on my computer. I have about 30 stations that shuffle. I only like certain music. it is a mixure of rock and roll, folk, reggae, jazz, blues and some old country. no rap, disco or bubble gum though. I can jam out to my music any time.

dont know how much snow we will get. the tribe aint shut down yet. we gotta go pick up the girls later. let it snow. I will toss another log onto the fire.

no longer a fair weather chiefs fan

I was able to baby sit 4 of my grandkids and still watch the chiefs game yesterday. mary had to take wabeno to the airport.  that left me and the kids. the girls are spending a few days with us cuz their parents are out of town.

we had a good time. there were 12 of me and my siblings. we all had kids, grand kids and now great grand kids. i have been around kids my whole life. watching 4 was easy. these kids listen to misho. sure I spoil them but I can also tell them no. they know what they can get away with and what they cant.

i have been a Kansas City Chiefs fan for decades. there was a time when I became a fair weather fan. it was after our team would win at least 10 games every year then make an early out in the playoffs. they were a player or two short of being champs. that got disappointing.

that changed last year. I was back to being a hard core fan. I watched every game. it probably had something to do with our quarterback. it took the chiefs 50 years to get back to the superbowl. it only took 3 years, actually 2, for this quarterback to get there. he will win it all for us this year.

i went to two games at arrowhead this year.  one game was real cold. we stayed as long as we could. I bought a mahomes jersey to wear to the games. I put it on yesterday to cheer my team on. the kids were trying to play keep the balloon in the air with me but I was watching the game. they teach me patience.

I ordered a beaded K C Chiefs medallion. it will be done this Friday. i will wear it and my jersey during the super bowl. it will go along with my beaded K U medallions.

i hope the chiefs aren’t like the royals. the royals won the world series a few years ago. then they lost many of their good players because they couldn’t afford to keep them. the great pitching staff we had left.

i used to hope the royals would win the world series, the chiefs would win the super bowl and the jayhawks would win the ncaa championship. all in the same year. that aint happened yet. but one can always dream.

Andrew and kinikwe helped me set the live traps this weekend. they also helped me check the traps yesterday and today. we didn’t catch a rabbit. I will keep setting the traps until I do. I am craving the taste of rabbit. after they hang a coupla days in the cold they cure out. that takes the gamey taste away and makes it taste good.

I finished stacking the wood in the basement. I fill up a wagon full and dropped the wood into the basement window. I have a board ramp that makes it land in a big pile. then I have to stack it. I split some into kindling. that makes it easier on mary when she checks the fire. it takes all of us to keep the fire going.

I have to take the boys back to their mother this evening. they didn’t have school today so they were with us all weekend. they have school tomorrow. I will miss the little guys until they come back.

what will this week bring?

the iceman cometh

i took another picture of the buffalo. the small one in the foreground must be blind in one eye. he was running in circles. every now and then he or she would charge the fence and fall back after hitting the barbed wire. reminds me of some people I know. poor animal. he dont run with the herd.

we got some more ice the other day. it hasnt melted yet  it covered the rest of my wood pile outside. I have enough piled up down stairs to last me a few weeks. its not a thick covering like the last ice we got.

i warmed up the car to get the ice off my windshield easier. i didnt want to be out side too long in that cold.  we had to go pick up the grandsons yesterday for their weekend visit. the roads are okay right now. I hope they stay that way. I imagine my southern kin  made it home to Oklahoma.

we had a small draft coming thru the kitchen door. I bought a weather strip seal last fall. it took some cold weather to motivate me to put it on the door. my mother used to say it aint good to say pa ma.  it didn’t take 10 minutes. now the door isn’t letting cold air in.

i have to feed my dog and chickens every day. i  make several trips a day to bring in the eggs. in this weather if i leave them out side very long they tend to freeze. I had a few that cracked after freezing. I don’t know if its safe to eat them so we don’t. I wont take any chances. we get plenty of eggs the way it is.

i have been staying home. today i will watch the KU game. they better win. we have some injuries. cant use that as an excuse. everyone has been talking about how deep we were. so we should still play good.

i bought some new stove pipes. it takes some doing to get them to snap together. after doing  it enough times i got that down. i am  letting the coals in the stove die out. then i will put the new stove pipes on. i clean the pipes a time or two then change them completely. the stove burns better with clean pipes. it is also safer.

i clipped some more flat cedar off my trees. i burn it on the wood stove when i have a fire going. it smells good. i am about out so i clipped some more. a friend of mine from the north country gave me two flat cedar trees some years back. i transplanted them and now they are about 8 feet high. i get cedar from them any time i need it.

my grand son wants to set our live traps. so I guess I have to do that today. I want some rabbit. it don’t take much to set traps. I am not up for walking in the cold. i will some time this winter just now right now.

will see what happens this next week.

middle of january

winter weather will settle in this coming week or two. the temps wont be above 40 degrees. they will be in the 20s and 30s in the day and in the teens at night. that’s not real cold but it wont be jacket weather either. better keep the wood stove fired up.

i had to buy a load of wood. i cant really afford to but i had to. the wood the tribe brought was all green wood.  i needed dry wood to get it going. the house wasn’t warm even with the wood stove going.  this old guy don’t like being cold. now with dry wood to ignite the green wood the fire is burning better.

some fort injuns brag they only burn oak. of course they use tribal equipment and cut on tribal land. and get paid by the tribe. that is also how the fort system works sometimes. our ancestors weren’t like that. they tried to treat everyone the same. we live in different times.

KU played last night. I didn’t get to watch it but I recorded it. I will watch it later. i know they won without our point guard Dotson. I want to see how the team is playing. they get better as the season goes along.

my southern kin are on the rez. I went to see them. I don’t get to see them as often as i would like to. we have stayed in touch our whole lives. I have gone down there a few times but wasn’t hitting the road in my old rav4.

i caught up with what is going on in our lives with my southern kin. we were kids together. now we have become the older ones in our families. we go back several decades. not that we are old. its just that we lost our old people. we are the old ones now.

next week an author will speak at the council bluffs public  library. she will talk about billy caldwell and the potawatomis who lived in that area for ten years. they later moved here. i wish i could hear that talk. i would hate to make the required reservation (what is it with Indians and reservations?) and have a Nebraska winter storm  hit. then i would have roughly a late 3 hour drive home.

potawatomi history has been a favorite subject of mine for the past 50 years. its funny sometimes to hear some of our tribe talk about our history but are way off. our history more complex than reading one book. the books don’t include our oral history. even after a lifetime of study there is much i dont know about our history. that’s why i keep  studying it.

i will be busy for the next few days. for a retired person i am usually busy. that keeps me going.

a little more ice

we still have ice everywhere. seen lotsa trees branches got broken off. the roads are clear though.  the local schools closed down anyway. so did the tribal office and clinic.  we didn’t get very much snow. i’d rather deal with snow than ice.

i had emptied my rain barrels earlier this winter. that last rain before the freeze filled the barrels up. I didn’t empty them again. now the barrels are a big chunk of ice. it will be awhile before they thaw out. good thing they didn’t burst at the seams. I use my rain barrels for watering plants and my animals. I don’t want to buy some more.

with my sense of humor sometimes I appreciate a little irony. every thing  is covered in ice. I got my second seed catalog in the mail. that was amusing. I am glad I got the catalog though. I may order some seeds out of both of them. I save many of my seeds. i only order seeds that I don’t have.

i get a yearly total of what and how much I buy from the feed store. I got this past years total. I am spending about the same for my dogs and chickens. well it did go up slightly. I have twice as many chickens this year. my dog food went down because one of my dogs died. I get fresh eggs from my chickens and companionship from my dogs.

i was outside last night after dark. I noticed some forms in the hayfield. I walked closer. the ice crunched under my feet. the forms moved. I could see that it was 4 deer. they must have been two year olds. they were that size. I went back inside to get my phone. I got as close as I could for a picture. they took off but I got a few shots. if I had grabbed a gun I could have bagged a deer. but that was too easy.

i listen to news a lot. I like to keep up with what is going on in the world. yes there is a world beyond the rez boundaries. sometimes I get tired of hearing the same old stuff. I switch the channel to king of queens. it seems like doug, deacon, richie, carrie, arthur and spence have a better grasp of life than our leaders. they seem more intelligent too.

KU mens’ basketball team can lose and the sun will still come up. I was disappointed we lost this past weekend but I am still a big fan. our time is coming yet. at least I got to watch the game.

i couldn’t handle watching KU getting beat then seeing the KC chiefs lose too. good thing the chiefs pulled off a victory. it didn’t look good in the first quarter. i was cussing bout that. the chiefs came back and won. I was hollering for them every time they scored. now for next weeks afc championship.

tonight I will watch the college football national championship. I have been watching the championship game every year for the past decade or so. it is a good game to watch. I don’t have a favorite in this game. I just wanna see a good game.

got ice

yesterday we got ice as a reminder that this is still winter. it covered the trees, shrubs and grass. we didn’t get the snow they predicted. the roads were passable. mary made it to her appointment in topeekie. she stayed to pick up the grandsons. they made it home safe.

I will never forget the year when we had a bad ice storm. it knocked out our electrical power. tribal workers said they did safety checks on everyone. no one came here. they offered free rooms at the casino for those without power. we didn’t hear about it for a few days. by then we were told they reached their limit of available rooms.

we had no choice but to stay home. irony was some that got rooms had power. they were given free meals too. that’s how the fort system works, or don’t work.

we were without power for two weeks. someone anonymously sent us batteries in the mail. we didn’t know who to thank until later. we were able to listen to indian music on an old cassette player. my niece bought me a charger that worked off the cars cigarette lighter. we were able to charge our cell phones.

it was a good thing we had kerosene lamps. we played Yahtzee by the lamp light while jamming to indian music. we kept warm by having a fire going in our wood stove. that took me back to my youth. I lived like that in my early years. it didn’t bother me.

we managed but lost most of the food we had in the freezer. we put it outside at night because it was freezing cold out there. but each day a little would thaw until we finally lost all of it. we ate what we could.  later we heard some people with power (the rez has about 5 power companies) had empty freezers where we could have stored the years supply of food. we did save our dried indian corn, dried squash and indian beans.

after the storm hit, the ice was so heavy it caused the trees to break under the weight. we could hear a loud popping sound then hear the trees crashing to the ground. it caused more branches to break as they fell. that happened up and down the little soldier creek valley. the sound was eerie. I thought those poor trees.

this storm aint as bad as that one. we didn’t lose electrical power.  I did lose a shrub in my back yard. it broke under the weight of the ice. I also lost some branches off my trees.

I am glad I got the wood tossed into the basement and stacked. I wont have to go outside to get wood. we also bought a meat bundle from the meat locker.

today KU’s basketball team plays on a channel I get. the game is the number 3 team in the nation playing the number 4 team. it will be a good game. and I get to watch it. rock chalk.

I gotta get my chores done before game time. i notice the wild birds are eating our chicken feed. its good mojo to feed them. Andrew and I will also take down the xmas tree. I better get busy.