waiting on the game

my sister jackie beaded me a k.c. chiefs medallion. I will wear it with my mahomes jersey when I watch the super bowl. i got the boys some kc gear too. guess i am longer the fair weather fan. i am back to hard core chief fan. well except for the tomahawk chop. i still think it is stupid to believe indians act like that. well we do have some that are really into street theater.

i went to the clinic to pick up one of my meds. on the way I seen a deer cross the road. i slowed down figuring he or she wouldn’t spook too much. I got a few pictures of it. no rack. so this one is safe for awhile.

i cant stop watching the impeachment. I get tired of hearing the republicans defend trump and his helpers. he will get off no matter what. that shows how justice really works in this country. the rich and powerful can do anything and get away with it. it aint too long til I switch it to king of queens. doug and gang are brighter than trump and his cronies.

i hope people see what is going on. and vote in the next election. I don’t think there can be anyone more self serving than the current president. anyone would be a better person for the job. I have said trump proves anyone can be president. at the same time he also proves that not everyone can be president.

i keep checking my live traps. no rabbit yet. I noticed rabbit tracks next to mine on the way to the traps. them wascal wabbits. they teasing me. I don’t wanna have to get out the old .22. that is too easy.

in my younger day I would head out to hunt rabbits any time it snowed. i would walk all day hunting. when i got too cold i headed home. if i was lucky i had a pile of rabbits. I miss those days. i don’t get out to the timber as much as I should. my age may have something to do with that. my dog aint the only one that don’t wanna walk out there.

the grand daughters went home yesterday. they were with us 5 days. it was great bonding time. they are already close to us. they like coming to our house. they get all the attention they need. they feel at home here. it is a safe house for them.

we are going after the grand sons this afternoon. so today is our town day. we have other things to take care of besides picking them up. we try to do as many things as we can while in town. during the last ice storm I noticed we didnt have any lamp oil. only one lamp was lit up. I will pick some oil up.

in spite of the cold, ice and snow we had this past week or two we are getting eggs. the hens lay every day. not every breed does that. we are getting about 9 eggs a day. that is plenty for us. I sell any surplus eggs to buy more feed.

this country indian gotta see the city lights.

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