a week until the super bowl

got a whole week to see if the chiefs will win the super bowl. there arent many sports broadcasts that interest me until then. there is another k u basketball game on tomorrow night. I will watch it. other than that I am waiting for the super bowl.

I got the boys some chiefs t shirts. I ordered Andrews’ mahomes shirt off amazon. I couldn’t find one in Samuels size. I had to go to the street vendors that pop up on street corners. I found Samuel a Kelce shirt, even if it was a little big. now they set for the big game.

maybe we will pose for a picture together. its been 50 years since the chiefs were in their last super bowl. I remember the first super bowl the chiefs played against the green bay packers. i was in high school. I must be old.

i haven’t had any luck catching rabbit with my live traps. the traps were in the ditch. water is running from ice and snow melt. I thought maybe that had something to do with it. I moved the traps out of the ditch. still no luck. I wont give up though. I want to eat rabbit.

i was listening to the news this morning. the newscaster questioned whether the experts expect enough republican votes to call for witnesses in trumps impeachment. I am no expert but from what I can see, what does it matter. the so called ‘trial’ is rigged. trump will walk no matter what. they even talk about his defense team being composed of big time lawyers. that too don’t matter. an idiot like guilani can win this already decided case.

last night I heard an owl outside. first thing I thought of was my chickens. I counted them when I was feeding them this morning. they are all there. same with my rooster. I haven’t lost any since the last time some critter killed 9 of them. i don’t raise them for wild animals.

i watched the k u game yesterday on tv. the announcers kept bringing up the so called ‘brawl’. that was no brawl. just pushing and some wild swings. the announcers probably never seen a real brawl. they also don’t understand that kansas ball isn’t like that at all. it was a one time thing.

I have high fived de sousa a few times in the tunnel after games. even though he wasn’t in uniform he still reached out to fans like me. I respect that he stood by us even when he had to sit out. he is a Jayhawk.I even wore his jersey to this years’ first exhibition game.

I also respect McCormack for backing his team mate. loyalty is an admirable trait to me. they are not thugs. they are young men who admit they made a mistake. I know I made mistakes when I was young.

sports announcers need to shut up. fans aren’t interested in announcers opinions. fans want to hear about the game. report the story and don’t be the story. who cares what the announcers think. or the lingo they make up. fans aren’t gonna adopt their terms. they sound stupid.

I have been a K U fan for over half a century. I will always be a Jayhawk fan. no one will sway me away from that. I know our program is a good program. it does not support violence. I stand by our jayhawks not the bald headed has beens. rock chalk.

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