it is still winter

it hasn’t been real cold but we got a fire going in the woodstove. we let it go out a day but this country indian gotta have a fire going. I prefer a wood fire to the furnace. the warmth from a wood stove gives me that home feeling.

the temps will be in the 60s this weekend. not bad for February. I will toss more wood into the basement then. gotta take advantage of warm weather. I don’t like to be outside when its cold. we will still have more winter yet.

maybe I will go walk on the paved road since it will be warmer. I have slacked off my walking. I was doing good but I broke my routine. it is hard to get back to it. I will have to make the time.

i seen someone I knew at the nation station, where everybody knows your name. she asked if that was my new car pointing at my Rav4. I said yeah. she said now that she knows who it is  she will wave at me. I said yeah. she said she never knows who will wave at her.

I agreed. I said that’s why I don’t go out and about too much. I never know who aint speaking to me cuz they don’t like my family or my dog. or maybe just don’t like me. who cares. I prefer to be around people that love and respect me. mean people don’t like anyone. they must be bitter because they drove everyone away from themselves.

heard on tv that the average price of a super bowl ticket was almost $8,900. that aint including air fare and hotel costs. I am forced to pass on going to the super bowl this year. aint got that kind of cash. I will sit on my couch to watch the game with buffalo wings and guacamole.

the price aint what is shocking  to me. I find it almost obscene we live in a land of plenty while many have nothing.  there are too many that live under over passes or under bridges. no one likes to  be reminded of the homeless problem  in this country. ignoring the problem hasn’t made it go away so far. it takes away from us being ‘the greatest country in the world’.

yesterday I started to sort more porcupine hair. I haven’t been working on that in awhile. I will do more today. I had a trapper asked me if I wanted to buy 8 ounces of hair. I had to pass because I have plenty on hand. well to be honest I have about 15 pounds of it. I will use that before buying any more.

I was talking bout rabbits recently. that reminds me of a story an old guy told me. a guy was driving down the road. a rabbit ran out in front of him. it veered off the right, then veered off left. then back to the right. then back to the left. that’s when the car ran over it and killed it deader than disco. point of the story is make a decision and go with it instead of being indecisive. I always liked that story. it reminds me of some people I know.

cant wait until the super bowl.

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