where the buffalo roam

I like seeing our buffalo herd as I drive around the rez. or when i am heading to town. I like taking pictures of the buffalo.  sometimes I wish I had a better camera. cell phones are convenient but they cant take pictures like a real good camera.  my Nikon is a point and shoot. it is an inexpensive model, not a top shelf camera. I could take some serious pictures if I had a good camera.

i am glad I bought the boys some k c chiefs t shirts. their school is having spirit week. every day they have to wear something tied to the chiefs. Monday was mahomes day. Andrew had his shirt. Tuesday was wear something yellow. etc.

i was thinking about the last chiefs game I went to. some one behind me asked if we were indian.  they never know what the hell I am. some think indian, Mexican or Asian. they do know I am something ethnic. or is it ‘people of color’. that sounds stupid. i’m not purple.

i answered yeah. then the dad said his kids were ‘mic o say’. and that they really honored native americans. I just nodded. didn’t know what to say. I know i wasnt gonna get all radical and cuss them out like some would. they were just doing something they thought was right. later after a touch down the kid tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a high five.

i didnt do the tomahawk chop after a score. I know it is stupid. but I aint gonna get all shook up over it. I know Indians don’t do that. I get more offended by  the street theater that some of our people do.

i seen the state is trying legalize sports betting. the tribe is trying glom on too. that would be more money we dont get. or rather only some would get. I do hope that sports betting becomes a reality. I would bet on KU winning the national championship. or bet on the chiefs winning the super bowl. etc.

no doubt I am pulling for the chiefs this sunday. I am glad though that the 49ers are in it. I am not a fan of them but I remember living in San Francisco for a coupla months. that was back in my relocation days. I was straight off the rez. i didn’t make it in the big city but I had fun while it lasted. I roamed all over that town.

recently we won a years subscription to the local county rag. my subscription runs out in april. that’s when the prize we won will kick in. I read it to see if any Indians got arrested. way back when, I made the front page of it for public intoxication. musta been a slow news week. I also check to see if any Indians made honor roll. I did for two years when I was in high school.

i have been buying cds lately. I am reloading some of the songs I lost. I have most of my tunes. its only a few I don’t have. the cds I am buying have the songs i am looking for. I will have all my play lists ready for my next road trip. I am ready to hit the road.

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