waiting for super bowl kickoff

we have been anxious all week for the super bowl to start.  we have been wearing our chiefs gear. the boys were wearing theirs when we picked them up at school yesterday. I had mine on for red Friday. we took a picture when we got home. we were too serious to smile.

I will be watching the big game tomorrow. got no plans but the super bowl. I will be wearing my mahomes jersey and my newly beaded chiefs medallion. the medallion will be my souvenir of the time we went to the super bowl.  I hope we come away with the championship.

we were out of avocados. gotta have guacamole for super bowl. that’s kinda a requirement. I didn’t want to drive all the way to topeekie. I went to Holton instead. I got a few smiles from different ones in the store. i returned their smile or nodded. i am good to people that are good to me. I remember being followed around in stores in that town when I was young.

some one I knew came up to me in the store. he asked if I had a super bowl pool. I said no, someone burned people once and that ruined all pools.  I ran world series pools for years. I paid off thousands of dollars. a few people don’t remember that. they just remember one person ripped people off. guess some arent bright enough to realize not every one is the same.

while I was in  town I noticed cars that were dirtier than mine. and I live on the rez. I decided I would wash my car. I usually do the high pressure rinse. it cleans the  mud off. in the winter it also cleans off the salt treatment from the roads. that stuff aint good for the paint job.

we just ran out of onions that I grew. they were stored in our basement. we have been eating them since spring. I replanted several times to keep them growing. they tasted good even up to this time. they weren’t strong like ones in stores. I will grow more this spring.

as expected the republicans are letting trump off. no witnesses or evidence will be allowed in the impeachment. and they call that a trial?  justice in this country is only for people that can buy it. corrupt government officials can get away with everything.

that reminds me of how our tribal government can get at times. when we get someone corrupt, theres nothing we can do about it until it runs its course. america is like that now. Indians can nod and say ‘yeah we know how that feels’.

k u is playing again today. i will watch that game. i  seen tickets for their game monday going for 43 bucks. i shoulda bought some. that woulda been a good treat after the super bowl. i like to go to games at allen field house. it is the best atmosphere around for a good basketball game.

my grandson was playing with my wifes phone. it started dialing. I took the phone from him and seen it was calling 911. an operator was talking. I told her my grandson had the phone and it wasn’t an emergency. she took my information down and said okay it will be listed as a mistake. an officer came to follow up. every thing was okay. glad they do a follow up as part of their job.

gotta get ready for ku game. rock chalk.