world champs

the kansas city chiefs are world champions now. we have been waiting 50 years for that to happen. they were behind most of the game. it looked grim when they were down by 10 points and threw an interception with time running down.

the chief faithful got quiet. that was the only thing that has stopped that idiotic tomahawk chop. the world got to see how stupid that really is. maybe as world champs they will have enough class to stop that nonsense.

the game was won in the fourth quarter. the defense got tough and our offense came alive.  I was hollering after each touchdown. we got the lead and never looked back. there was no need for doubt.

the chiefs had it when they needed it. that’s why mahomes is my favorite player. the announcers kept saying mahomes made mistakes. they didn’t quite grasp that the 49ers defense caused problems. mahomes said it was the toughest defense he played against.

i could hear fireworks going off after we won. musta been from one of the housing clusters. sound travels across the rez some times when the air is still. i didnt buy any fireworks but i did wear my Mahomes jersey during the game. I didn’t wear my beaded medallion. I had it made as a souvenir to remember this championship.

i liked some of the expensive commercials. none inspired me to buy the product. I liked the dance off to ‘old town road’. my grandson sings that song. trump came on during pregame and was telling more lies. I turned it then. I wasn’t gonna listen to him.

i am not into half time shows. I tune in to watch football. I did get a kick out of that one singer i guess that tried luluing. at first I didn’t get it until I seen it posted on social media over and over. it was kinda funny.

before the game i tossed some more wood into the basement. a cold front is heading this way. we might even get some snow. today i have to stack that wood and split some kindling. the stove will be ready. when it gets cold we will be warm.

tonight the jayhawks play. i considered buying tickets for this one.  i will be watching that game on tv instead. probably be eating super bowl leftovers. still got some buffalo wings and some guacamole to make.

now if the jayhawks can win the ncaa championship. that would go along nice with the chiefs winning. the jayhawks have the best odds to win it at 7 to 1. it may change. there is no dominant team. there are a number of teams that can win in march and april. the jayhawks are one of the teams. we have been waiting a few years for a championship here too.

i check my junk  mail before i delete it. i dont wanna lose something that is important. i get emails from a chris. he or she is suppose to be a psychic. guess not enough to know that the email goes to my junk box and gets deleted.

gotta do my chores.