no parade for me

i wasnt singing ‘kansas city here i come’. I didn’t go to kc to see the parade for our super bowl champs. that would have been too crowded for me. i wont sit in a crowded restaurant either. I got no problem with sitting in allen field house with 16,000 fans. that aint a million people in one place. I am a chiefs fan but I will pass on that crowd.

after one chiefs game it took us over an hour to get out of the parking lot and onto the turnpike. the traffic was so congested we moved at a slow crawl. that was a crowd of 70 thousand. I wonder what it will be like in Kansas City today. a million people is a lot. I seen parking was 40 bucks at places. well I guess many fans don’t care. they will be there.

i was in mexico city once. it has 21 million people. there were some streets real crowded. I couldn’t  move. it took a long time to go thru one neighborhood. there were people everyone. pedestrians spilled out on the street. i ended up walking in the street too. it was faster. no cars could move either. I liked that city though.

i was in new orleans back in ’84. they were having a worlds fair there. jesse jackson was running for president. I went to where he was to make an appearance. a large crowd was also there for the same reason. when the doors opened the crowd surged forward. I was moved along the crowd by the momentum. I was about carried into the doors. I seen what a large crowd could do.

i hope the chiefs can keep this team together. after the k c royals won the world series they couldn’t afford to keep their team. many of them moved on and we haven’t been back to the world series since. top quarterbacks in the nfl are getting over 30 million a year. mahomes aint getting near that. it will take some bucks to keep him.

my hot water heater went out. I called the company that installed it.  they came right over. the pilot light wouldn’t stay lit. turns out it was a thermo coupling or something. I wouldn’t have known that. while the repair guy was here he said he would also service our furnace. they installed it too. so my furnace will be okay. the guy ordered the part and it will be here in a few days. now I have a repair bill to pay.

i got a fire in our woodstove going again. I let it go out a few days. it wasn’t all that cold. now the temps will be lower this coming week. I want our floor to be warm when I get up in the morning. our furnace don’t do that. burning wood also saves us money by not paying for propane. it usually costs more in the winter when you really need it.

our dance ground is having a fund raiser this coming sunday. we will be serving soup and breads. the money raised will go toward paying expenses. I am proud that our members do that. even though we don’t have many members, what we do there benefits many of our tribe. I hope we have a good turn out.