going tribal?

I was only half watching the impeachment. when I got tired of hearing it I would switch to reruns of the king of queens. I still think doug, carrie, ritchie, deacon, arthur and spence had a better understanding of life than many of  our politicians.

I seen on the news that our politicians were acting tribal. I guess meaning republicans stuck together and democrats stuck together. no matter what. a good example of that was in the last alabama governors race. republicans felt a pedophile was better than any democrat. republicans wouldn’t investigate  the last nominee for the supreme court. whether the guy was a serial rapist or not just didn’t matter.

the impeachment wasnt a trial at all. it was a cover up done out in the open.  it was a good example of we can use the system to do anything we want. no witnesses were called and no evidence was admitted. it was no surprise that the president was acquitted. that was decided before it even started. only one senator voted against party line.

indeed the president can  do  anything. he is above the law.  it stands to reason then that he didn’t assault any women, misuse his charity foundation, separate children from their families, open national parks for oil interests, embrace tyrants, use his office for personal profit etc.

the democrats could have brought up a number of charges. only after their leader said they could. instead they chose to put all their bets on two charges. it didn’t matter. they didn’t have the majority vote in the senate anyway. the whole point was for the country to hear the truth it didn’t get to hear.

well the parties stood together as one. is that tribal? i will grant them that. that kinda brings me to a realization. the politicians are more tribal than many tribes. even if they use the concept in a negative way. we are more divided than what the american people are saying about themselves.

we dont stick together like that. too many of our people forgot the greater good of the tribe comes before the need of the individual. the ones in the system benefit the most. some can get everything. some get nothing. that’s not tribal.

we can fire someone with an alcohol or drug problem. or we can fire someone because of jealousy. its possible they will never work for our people again. national politicians accept sexual predators or corrupt officials faster than we accept some of our own people.  we turn our backs on some. that isn’t how our people were. it is something we learned.

we often criticize the ones that don’t vote. who can blame them after seeing how the system works. a majority of americans wanted witnesses etc. for a fair impeachment hearing. but that decision was made by 50 some senators. their votes meant more than the concerns of millions.

its the same in tribal systems sometimes. we are living in the best economic times of our existence. but not every one benefits equally from our money. the ones that get every thing, get every thing. that’s not tribal.

who can blame the majority of our tribal members who don’t vote. their opinions don’t matter sometimes.  a general council quorum of 65 can pass items the over 2000 eligible tribal voters don’t have a say about. the 7 member tribal council can do the same.

I guess I don’t know exactly what ‘tribal’ means. I can see what it has become. maybe the tomahawk chop is tribal. but whatever. I wont act ‘tribal’ in the sense it is used today.