another month

we drove to Lawrence Friday to pick up the boys. that gives us a few more hours with them. they talk all the way home. last week end we seen eagles going down there and on the way back home. good mojo.

this week we drove the back roads. traffic is too fast on the turnpike. we took the narrow two land road that goes to lake Shawnee.  I wanted to see the eagle nest on the south side of the lake. the boys wanted to play on the play ground. we did both. I didn’t get to see the eagle though. they musta been hunting.

yesterday we had our fund raiser for the dance ground. soup and bread was served for a good will donation. the money goes toward expenses. we took a pot of soup there.

there was a good turn out. we enjoyed visiting with people. I like talking with older members. we have more in common. we remember the older ones we talk about. the older ones may be gone but are still thought of.

i told a coupla stories about my uncles. everyone said they were hard hearing. I used to hang around with them old guys. they heard what they wanted. and when they didn’t want to hear it, they didn’t. in private we had lotsa conversations.

we got to talking about train rides. I want to ride a train some where across this country. I rode trains in Europe and Peru but only once in this country. I rode a train when I was born. my mother had to go to Oklahoma to have me. after I was born we boarded a train and came to the rez. I don’t remember that ride.

we had to go to town to get valentines for the boys. they needed them for school. after we got them we headed back to the dance ground to pick up marys crockpot. I was teased that most of the clean up was already done. I do alot of work that no one sees so I just smiled.

we sat around and did more visiting. we were in no rush to leave. we shared stories and a few laughs. after a while we had to go. we had to take the boys back to their mother. they slept on the way to topeekie. they were worn out from this weekend.

we have been keeping our fire in the wood stove going. it keeps our home nice and warm. we probably have enough wood to last the rest of winter. or at least i hope so. this winter hasnt been too cold.

i have been thinking of driving over to that amish settlement in Missouri. they have a grocery with natural foods and a bakery. we usually load up on things. a few times I went to the antique stores located in town. it is a good day trip. two hours to drive there and two back. that aint counting the time spent there. beats watching t.v.

jayhawks on the tube this week. but I cant watch the game. I aint paying for espn+. because of that I will miss 10 games this year. oh well. I missed out on many things in life. it goes on no matter what.

got no plans this week. will take whatever comes up.

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