day trip

fed the chickens this morning in the snow. they were already scratching up the snow looking for any feed under it. I threw the feed where they were scratching, they went after it.

yesterday we drove over to an amish settlement in Missouri. I like the drive. it is something to do on a slow day. I wanted some of the home made egg noodles they sell in bulk. I also bought some home made peanut butter. the grandsons usually want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

we also checked out the  bakery they have there. I bought some cinnamon rolls. mary bought a loaf of fresh baked bread and fresh dinner rolls. i also bought this strawberry filled donut. this diabetic aint suppose to eat too many sweets but I had to have one. it reminded me of my old parochial boarding school days. it tasted so good it had to be a sin. I would have had to say 10 our fathers and 10 hail marys for enjoying it. that’s how good it was.

we drove into town and checked out the antique shops. I like looking at old things. i see stuff we had when I was young. it was junk when we had it. now it sells for a few bucks as an antique. I didn’t find anything I had to have.

we ate at a ma and pa diner in the small town. those places have the best food. I ordered a house special, the ‘amish dinner’. it was roast beef with mashed potatoes, cole slaw, green beans, amish dressing and a dinner roll. it was all home made. it sure tasted good. I couldn’t finish it so I got a to go box and brought it home.

we drove over there on narrow two laned roads. on the way back I seen a big bird in a cottonwood tree. I slowed down and seen a bald eagle. the white head and white tail feathers are easy to spot.

it is snowing right now. don’t know how much we gonna get. I hope it stops before this evening. I want to go to my sons house to watch the k u game. he has espn+ as part of the Disney package he bought. I am glad he has that. I didnt want to have to be nice to someone I don’t care for just to watch the game.

i had an elm tree in the front yard. branches of it kept breaking off. the rest of it came down at the last ice storm. the ice was so heavy it made the tree fall over. i have been using the branches for kindling. it gets the fire going quick. some day I will have to borrow a chain saw to cut up the bigger pieces.

i am keeping our fire going. don’t know how much more winter we will have. I know it aint over yet. I am sure I have enough wood to keep the house warm though.

next I will be leafing thru the seed catalogs. I will buy what seeds I don’t have saved. spring might be early with the weather we have been having. I am ready for spring even if it is early.