helped make a snow man

yesterday andrew had to have a snow man. the  boys didnt have school. misho had to get out there and help him. the snow was kinda froze. it wouldn’t stick together when we tried to roll a ball of it. we had to pile it up  and hand tamp it together. it didnt hold together very good. we couldnt make the three layered one.

andrew was all into it. the snow man needed arms. i told him to use some of the broken branches from the last ice storm. he used rocks from the driveway for eyes and buttons. twigs for the nose and mouth. i added an old plastic top hat from new years. he was pleased with the result. I didn’t feel the cold until we went back inside.

i was out and about yesterday.  I drove all over the rez and visited with many. sometimes I think it is strange that people text others on cell phones instead of talking to the ones they are with.  I still like to  talk to people. conversation is not a dying art with me.

i remember how it was on the rez when I was young. old Indians used to come to misho’s house to visit. they would stay all day and spend the night there. next day they would talk all day again. many of them talked indian.

I used to hang around to listen until they chased the kids away. they did that when some one was making noise while they talked. if i was quiet and listened they didnt bother me.  I had to help make coffee for our visitors. eventually I started drinking the coffee.

while i drove around the rez I had my .22 in the car. that was in case I seen a rabbit. I didn’t see any. one guy said there werent as many around as there used to be. I agreed. I said I usually have them in my garden. another guy asked if I had any luck with my live traps. I said not yet. i have been setting them for the past month or so.

i aint giving up on my trapping. I am kind of like this one guy who was hunting. he was asked how many he had. he said if I get this one and two more, I will have three. that’s what I am thinking.

when i was young my brothers and i would go rabbit hunting after any snow fall. they are easy to spot in the snow. I would go by myself too. I couldn’t guess how many miles I would walk. I know I walked all day. i knew all the creeks or draws for miles around our house. i only went home when the cold finally got to me. sometimes I would be carrying game, other times I was empty handed. such is life.

yesterday I heard someone pull into my yard. I looked out and seen a tribal truck loaded with wood. it backed out and left. I guess they were bringing me a load of wood but seen some still piled up in the yard. they didn’t know I bought a load because they brought me a load of green wood. I needed dry wood to get the green burning. the load I bought was green too. so I lost all around. again such is life.