winter almost over?

i like driving by the buffalo pen. we didn’t have any buffalo here when i was young. really we didn’t have very much at all here on the rez. that’s why not many wanted to live here.  i like to take pictures of our buffalo. i see if i can get one good picture of them. sounds easy but it aint. i find if i take enough pictures, i will get one i like.

I  have noticed the geese are more active now.  they must be getting ready for spring. I seen them flying overhead many times the past few weeks. I hear them before I see them.  i got a picture of some snow geese flying over my house.

my grand kids were over this week end. they wanted to play outside. they made a couple more snow men. now we have 3 of them. most of the snow is  melted now except the snowmen. they are still standing but slowly melting away. wont be around for much longer though. temps will be in the 50s today. bye snow men.

I don’t have a bucket list. if I did, I would say a trip to china is at the top. I wanna walk on the great wall. sounds like now isn’t a good time to go. people are reacting to the coronavirus. or over reacting. the news reported that some are avoiding Chinatown in NYC. business is down there even though no cases have been reported. lets see a virus on the other side of the world and people avoid all Chinese.

I imagine that people wont plan trips to china in the immediate future. later on maybe they will have good deals to draw tourists back. I will keep an eye on travel  deals.

i am binge watching another show. I will sort hair while watching this series. I will get something done. I have so much porky hair I bought over the years. it will take a long time to sort all of the hair I have. i have pounds and pounds of it.

i didnt add any more grow boxes last year. I will make some this spring. I prefer planting in grow boxes. the soil in my garden gets packed by the end of the growing season. I don’t have that problem in grow boxes. I get a better crop in them. i want more vegetables I can save for the coming year.

indian people  are suppose to help each other. not all of our people believe in that. recently a young lady called about a problem we had for a coupla years. the ones that were suppose to help us with that didn’t want to deal with it. I accept that’s how the fort system works. or don’t work. some have lost contact with  our ways.

well this young lady took care of our problem in no time. I told her i appreciated her help. I wondered why this couldn’t have been done a few years ago. all it took was a few calls and an email. I am glad some of our people are willing to help. thats the way it is suppose to be. its just a few that are heartless.

tonight I will watch the jayhawks’ basketball team. they are peaking at the right time of year. rock chalk.