gonna get colder a few nights

it isnt unusual to see eagles on the rez. I have seen them over the years. some say it is more common in the winter. I have seen them at other times too. I even seen young golden eagles. I could tell by their black and white tails. so I imaging maybe they breed here too.

i let my wood stove go out a few days. I started a fire in it last night. temps are going to be in the low 20s the next few  nights. I didn’t want to wake up to a cold floor. yesterday I threw some more wood into the basement. I wanted enough to keep a fire going thru the cooler temps we gonna have.

i lost interest in listening to the news. I have no faith in our government. they can do anything they want. money buys our politicians. it has always been that way. they are more open about it now.

i sold my old rav4. it gave out on us a few months ago. we were driving and it wouldn’t go into gear. i assumed it was the transmission. I aint a mechanic. I am not like one of those guys  on tv. they open the hood, adjust something near the carburetor and say ‘now try it’. and it works great. back when others were working on cars I was partying.

i thought if it was the tranny it would cost enough to make a down payment on another car. I drove that old rav4 for 7 years. I put 160 thousand miles on it. after fixing it probably got another 100 thou on it. I didn’t want to mess with it though. I was ready for a new (to me) rav4. I want a car I can take as many road trips in as my old one gave me.

anyway I  sold the old one to a relative who needed some wheels right now. I told her whats wrong with it. she was willing to work on it. I think it will be a good car once it is one the road. I didn’t ask much for it.

now i got some coin that hit the bottom of my pocket. I kinda wanna go to a big bingo hall down south. they pay more for less buy in there. I haven’t gambled very much at all these past few years. maybe bingo  3 times, slots once or twice. I deserve a night out and I need to take my new car on the road.

i will go to this drive in hamburger joint I like down there. I don’t eat burgers that often. these ones are worth eating. maybe I will check out that indian store down there too. I look for what is on sale.

the boys don’t have school this Thursday and Friday. not it aint a tribal school. we pick them up tonight. they will be with us a few days. it is Andrews birthday tomorrow. I know he will expect a birthday gift. I admit we spoil our grand kids. but i also make them mind. they listen to misho.

gotta do my chores.