gonna read some

I ordered a book off amazon. it is about the petroglyphs of Kansas. I have seen petroglyphs in  chaco canyon, mesa verde and canyon de chelly. i also seen them on a beach in wrangell Alaska and in a lava field in hawaii. I took pictures of many of them.

i havent seen any in Kansas though. I wasn’t aware of them until I seen this book being advertised. I read that some are on private land. might not get to see these so I bought the book. the author of this book is speaking in hays about the book. I probably wont  make it to hear him speak about kansas’ petroglyphs.

they give tours of the Kansas petroglyphs now and then. I will look for them. I do want to go check them out myself. I think some of these are in the flint hills. i have to read the book to know where the rest are located and what they look like.

today is the big game between number 1 baylor and our number 3 jayhawks. las vegas posted the odds. they have baylor as a two point favorite. i would take that bet. I think the jayhawks will win. we are playing better than we were in the first game. I have faith in k u. the tv announcers always act like the other team will upset ku. bet they don’t say that about us winning. it wont be an upset though.

we took the boys to the topeka zoo. I was surprised at the cost to get into the ‘world famous’ zoo. half the animals weren’t out. we didnt get to see elephants or lions. we didn’t get a discount either. the boys had fun so I guess it was alright. even if all the animals were out, the zoo isnt that big. don’t know what makes it famous.

my chickens are laying 8 to 11 eggs a day. I am glad my relatives are buying the extras. now and then mary takes them to see if anyone wants to buy them. I dont know why anyone would pass. I gotta have fresh eggs. they taste the best. that’s why I raise chickens.

gotta get my chores done.