took a short road trip

I hit the road for the first time in my newer rav4. the boys went home early this weekend. it was Andrews birthday. his grandmother from the south west came to see him.

he was with us on thursday and friday because they didnt have school. we went out to eat at a migo place. he asked when are they gonna sing. they came out and sang happy birthday to him. he had to  wear a sombrero. he wasnt too embarrassed by it.

Saturday we headed down to Oklahoma. I haven’t gambled in a long time. I wanted to play bingo.  i like the place in newkirk. it is about a 3 and a half hour drive from here. the bingo hall was packed. we found a coupla empty seats in the glassed off non smoking section.

we asked the lady sitting at that table if the seats were taken. she didn’t answer. she only moved her things to the side. we sat down. the lady tried acting all hard. as grumpy as she was, it wasn’t a surprise she sat alone. the bingo place gave away drawing tickets. we gave her ours. we said we were from out of town and wouldn’t be there.

we kept talking to the lady. by the time bingo was over, we were alright. she said she wasnt a good person to sit by at bingo. we had no choice. the place was full. we didnt mind trying to be nice to her. all the people around us eventually were talking to us. it was a mixture of different races. people are people. if you are good to them, they will be good to you I think.

being nice to that lady musta been good mojo. we felt lucky. we didn’t win at the bingo hall. we went to the casinos at the state line. mary hit a few jack pots. it was enough to pay for our trip. so basically we played for nothing. our getaway cost us nothing. that was worth it.

my car gives us the gas mileage average. at one point it said I was getting 27 miles a gallon. that aint real good but I will take it. we seen an eagle going down to Oklahoma and I seen one another on the way back home. good mojo.

we stopped at sharps indian store. mary needed some beading needles. I didn’t see anything that I had to have. we also ate at the drive in diner i like. they make good cheese burgers. I usually stop there to get one. mine was good.

we got home early sunday afternoon. we watched the K U game against number one team in the country that we recorded. we knew the jayhawks won. we got to watch the last minute of the game Saturday when we checked into the motel. we watched the whole game to see how they won. they were good.

we went to my sons house for supper. it was marys birthday. she wanted to play pitch. we haven’t played cards in awhile. we enjoyed our family get together.

i will watch the number one jayhawks play tonight. I think this team can win the national championship. gotta see how this season plays out. rock chalk.