getting closer to spring

I haven’t read my last book I bought. it is about the petroglyphs in Kansas. I did a fast leaf thru it. seen a few pictures. I will make the time to read it eventually. I want to know about everything in the book. if I ever get a  chance to go see any of these petroglyphs I will. I wasn’t aware that our state had any until I seen this book.

we have some rocks on the rez that have carvings on them. they are called the hay rocks. I guess cuz men working on haying crews would carve dates or symbols into the rock while on break. luckily there is no graffiti scratched into them like some that are in the book and at other places that have petroglyphs.

I knew this one dude who was an archeologist. I took him to our rocks. he said I wonder where these workers got their inspiration for their carving. he meant that they must have seen older carvings somewhere else. I wonder bout that too.

I remember an old man here on the rez. we were driving on the road. he pointed at a hill. he said when the potawatomis came here they carved a marker on a rock over the top of the hill. it was on the rez boundary. the land is owned by a farmer or rancher. I always wonder what the rock looks like. or if it is even still there.

I half watched the democratic presidential candidates debate last night. my impression is I hope they don’t blow this next election. they are doing a good job of eliminating each other. I wish they would unite behind one candidate and try to defeat the guy we are stuck with.

I am reminded of some of our tribal elections when I watch the debates. it seems like attacking your opponent is the way to campaign. we see that some times in indian country.  a few cant run on their own merit. instead they cut down others (even if they have to make up lies) and hope people believe them. then we wonder how we got some of the elected officials we had.

I got a fit bit as a present. it took some time to get used to wearing it. I never wear any jewelry or watches. I wanted to keep track of how much walking I am doing. ironically I am doing less walking since I got the fit bit. I am drinking more water. I  keep track of it on the fit bit.

the fit bit locked up on me for a few days. then all of a sudden it started to work again. I put it back on. I keep track of how much sleep I am getting too. when the weather warms up I will start walking on the road again. that may be soon.

the jayhawks play k state next. I am tired of hearing about the ‘brawl’. I think de sousa held back and wasn’t trying to fight. he finally did after he was knocked down. our program isn’t about brawling. the news people have that wrong. we have a class program. we beat them on the court.  rock chalk.