leap year

there will be an extra day this year because it is leap year. don’t know what I will do with another day. every day is another day. I have been sorting porcupine hair. maybe I will do that. it is a never ending job. I have pounds of hair to do yet. I put in a few hours working on that whenever I can.

i dont stay glued to the tv set. I have been doing some binge watching while I sort porcupine hair though. I like the idea of watching the entire series at once. well more like over a few days. watching every week for a few months aint all that great. especially if I have something else to do on a given night. I never know when I am called on to do something.

leap year may be good news for Jayhawk fans like me. we have won national championships on leap years. well this is a leap year. and we have a good team. I hope for a championship every year. we don’t get it but at least we have a program that competes for one every year.

tomorrow the hawks play k-state. no doubt there will be talk of the brawl last game. i still say desousa took a lot. they kept pushing him until they knocked him to the ground. then he came up swinging.  I know a lot of people who would do the same. they over reacted on his punishment. like they haven’t done enough to the kid.

some cant let talk of the ‘brawl’ go. guess they need talking points. it wont be much of a game. ku has been undefeated since that game and has become the top ranked team in the country. k-states season has ended since then.  they prefer the NIT because it is easier to spell than NCAA.

k u will beat them easily. our bench should get some playing time. that will give our starters some rest. our team is peaking about the right time. hopefully we dont get any more injuries.

i am drinking more water. it is suppose to flush your system. I keep track of my water intake daily. sometimes I drink green tea with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. my supply of indian tea is dwindling. I will have to pick more this spring. I mean a years supply of it. I know many places where it grows.

the temperatures are gonna warm up this weekend. it might even reach 70 degrees on sunday. mary and I plan to go walk on the road. gonna log some miles. i kinda slacked up some. when I let the wood stove go out,  I don’t go to the basement as much. that shouldn’t be an excuse. I just need to get back to walking again.

a nephew loaned us his chainsaw. we are gonna cut up the elm tree that fell in our yard. the ice storm caused it to fall. we will save the wood for ceremonial use. it is a big tree. probably a pickup load of it.

got to do my chores.