wha the?

we went walking on the road yesterday since it was a nice day. I like being out in nature and observing everything I see. I noticed deer tracks as I usually do. I also seen these other tracks that seem to follow the deer tracks.

I didn’t know what they were. I could see that they were big tracks though. there were at least a dozen of them made in the dried mud just off the pavement. that is marys gloved hand for a reference as to the size of the track.

i wondered what could have made these tracks. a big dog like perhaps a Rottweiler? a big cat like a mountain lion? a Chupacabra? I didn’t know. I am curious because it is in my neighborhood. I do walk on the road. I also go squirrel hunting or looking for mushrooms in the timber along the creek.

the tracks went for about a quarter of a mile. at the top of the hill I noticed some similar tracks in the dried mud. they were about a quarter of the size of the big ones. that is what festus haggen on gunsmoke would call a ‘puzzlement’.

andrew has been bugging us to go with us on our walk. we say no because we didnt know if a two mile walk was too much for him. we let him go this time. he rode his new bike he got for his birthday. he would ride until it was a hill. then he would push it.  I helped him on a coupla hills. he coasted down the long hills. he had an adventure.

some people I know ask me where I am going next. now I got a coupla destinations. mary and I are gonna met our daughter in New York City at the end of april. we will take a train to Connecticut where she is going to a conference. then we heading back to NYC to do the tourist trip. maybe lasagna in little Italy. I had some there when I was on a march for peltier.

then in may we are going to her house in southern California. we gonna celebrate our birthdays together. I wanted to take a train but may end up driving instead. I wanna soak in a hot springs along the way.

recently i was driving around the rez. I seen an old rez guy I know working outside by his house. I stopped to talk to him. we go back over 50 years. we always got along. we had a good visit.

I told him I don’t go around much  because I never know who aint talking to me. I dont know who is mad at me, my family or my dog. I told him I knew he would talk to me. he laughed. he knew what I meant. we aint new wave to this rez.

last night I went to town with my daughter. she was gonna spring for a tattoo for me. I was gonna get one of my indian name. it was gonna be in the old style of potawatomi writing that consisted of dots and symbols. no one has used that writing for over half a century. the place was booked so no tats. I went this long without a tattoo. I can go a little longer.

i watched the KU-k state basketball game yesterday. our jayhawks won. it was close awhile. we had a coupla injuries. injuries are the only thing that will beat us. k state had hope but ended up with another loss. rock chalk.