easing into spring

it is getting closer to spring. indian new year. I have noticed more skunks on the road. their early  appearance means it is nearing spring. we will have only one night below freezing in the next 10 days. this coming week end the temps will be in the 70s. I can handle that.

i have to start logging more miles in my walking. from now on I will be able to walk on the road. i wont let the big tracks i seen on the road side scare me off. walking on the treadmill is a chore. I would rather be enjoying nature. walking outside in the fresh air is peaceful.

the warm weather is helping the chickens lay more eggs. I have a few dozen of them piling up. my relatives usually buy my extras but they haven’t been lately. thats why I have a surplus now. I don’t know why more people don’t like fresh eggs. they sure taste better.

i am ready to garden. veggies grow better from transplanted plants rather than planting seeds in the ground. I buy started plants from nurseries. sometimes I start my own seeds that I save. it is cheaper to start seeds instead of buying plants.

I ordered a heating pad to start seeds. it is placed under the seed flats to raise the temps. the heat generated inceases the rate of germination. actually it is necessary. the size of it can get 144 plants started.  I will stagger start times of different seeds. I will do cool weather plants like cabbages first.

i noticed a few boards on my grow boxes have come loose. I will use wood screws to reattach them. I will make some new grow boxes.  I started out with four raised beds. now I have 3 rows of them. my veggies do a lot better in them. my ground usually packs hard by summer time. raised beds don’t do that. that’s why I get more veggies.

spring means spring cleaning.  I always have to do that. it seems that things accumulate in no time.  I gotta clean my work benches in my carport. gotta be able to use that as a work space and not a catch all for junk I buy at garage sales, auctions, flea markets etc. I also have to clean out my work shed.

spring would also mean it is time to go camping. I like to camp out. nothing like making cowboy coffee over a fire and having breakfast outdoors. I will make time to soak in a Colorado hot springs. my newer rav4 don’t have the storage my old one did but it will still carry all my camping equipment.

last night mary and I went to a movie. we seen ‘call of the wild’. at first we were the only ones in the theater then another couple came in. the movie was for us 4. we didn’t go to the new theaters where most likely there were more people.

i thought the movie was good. I liked the part when the dog didn’t want Harrison Ford’s character to drink alcohol. where can we get some dogs like that. I have relatives that need one. they don’t understand they only get in trouble when they booze or dope. they wouldn’t listen to me but maybe they would listen to a dog.

gotta do my chores then sort more porcupine hair.