starting spring chores

we finally got the fallen elm tree cut up. my nephew loaned us a chainsaw. my son cut the branches up. we wasnt gonna do it during the cold of winter. it wasn’t going anywhere. it was on my grand fathers allotment. part of the tree fell over during the last ice storm and some broke off during wind storms.

I cut a little. I wanted to because I have cut wood many times. i like the earthy smell of fresh saw dust. I used to cut all the wood we burned in our house for over 20 years. i also used to cut the wood for many of the ceremonies i helped at.

many times I did it all by myself. later my boys helped me.  they would load the wood while i cut it with the chainsaw. when they first started they were just little guys but they got bigger as they aged.

I quit when I got older and my sons went their own way. i dont have a truck or chainsaw now. thats why i have the tribe cut my house wood. I don’t like depending on others. some times I get good wood, other times only green wood or card boardy kind. that’s why I don’t like having someone else do it.

if i could do it i would it myself. i can but my arthritis acts up and i hurt for a while. no old man with arthritis should have to do that. a nurse once told me that no one should have to live in pain. that’s why this misho retired.

it didnt take long to get the elm cut up. now we have a good pile of it. i will stack it when i fire up my riding mower with its pull behind cart. that saves me from carrying it. we value elm wood because we use it for ceremonies. I never know when I will have to do one. now I will have the wood for it.

i enjoyed cutting wood again. it is always nice to be outside. we have been walking on the paved road by our house. so far we have walked 3 times this past week. we logged 6 miles. not bad but not good. it is a nice start though.

i got the new heating pad for seed starting yesterday. it came with a thermostat to regulate the heat. too much or not enough will kill the seedlings. i will start some seeds this week. I don’t want to buy plants if I can start my own.

i have been wondering if this is the year when I start fishing. I wanted to last year but never got out there. my grandson wants to go. I imagine he will keep at misho until we do go. there are plenty of places to fish at around here. we have rivers, cricks, ponds and reservoirs.

tonight we are going to one of my grand daughters’ basketball game. first we have to stop to pick up our tax papers. we don’t have to pay anything this year. that may rile up the bigots that rag on Indians. little do they realize I pay taxes on everything I buy.

gotta check for eggs again. and get ready for the game.