warming up

i took a picture of Andrew on the bridge above little soldier creek. that was last week when he rode his bike along side us as we walked. later he said that was the fastest he ever rode a bike. he picked up speed going down the long hills we walked. he had fun.

we have walked  4 times in the past week or so. I have now logged 8 miles. I hope to walk many more miles. I am more active during the spring. the question is will it make a difference when I go for my quarterly lab tests later this month. I hope so.

Andrew and Samuel are on spring break for a week. they are on the road now. they are heading to Disney world in Florida. they got excited when they heard they were going there. they will have two days to enjoy rides and check the place out. I am happy my grand kds get to do things I didn’t have a chance to do.

i watched K U’s final league game of the season yesterday. they won another close one. they are finding ways to win if their shots aren’t falling. their defense is winning games. it also wins championships. I had to listen to the previous game on the radio. I will get to watch all of their games from here on.

i went to town the other day. I am not into malls but we went to the one in topeka. on a whim I decided to get a massage. I haven’t had one in some time. the ones at the mall are deep acupressure. sometimes I end up aching from the pressure. not this time. I felt relaxed after the half hour massage.

on my way to Oklahoma the other week I got a small chip in my wind shield. a car passed me and cut right in front of me. in doing that the idiot kicked up a small pebble that hit my front window. I heard it crack as soon as it hit. it hasn’t spread. I wont replace the window yet.  I can live with one small chip.

that trip was two weeks ago. I am still coughing from breathing in the second hand smoke in the casino. I don’t smoke but still have a smokers cough. that is what makes me stay out of casinos.

forgot to tell something about playing bingo that time. I seen in the monitor that a postage stamp was a bingo. I got one and hollered bingo. the staff came over to check and made a sign it was a false bingo. it was suppose to be a double bingo. that was a bit embarrassing. I remember the comments I made in private about such situations. I used to say they ought to throw them out for that.

i contacted this one guy from northern country. I seen they are tapping maple sap now. I asked the guy if he knew of anyone that sells candies/maple sugar/maple syrup. he said yeah. he is gonna hook me up. said he had maple sugar and knows a guy who has the candies.

I have asked others over the years. more often than not, I don’t get hooked up. maybe this time I will score some. I love the maple candies. I used to buy them and give them to these old men around here. they always enjoyed them.  I do too. I am waiting to hear back from the guy when they are available.