ready to garden

went to topeekie.  I bought 3  pounds of seed potatoes from a nursery i have done business with for the past  30 years or so. they are norland potatoes. one of the best gardeners around told me to grow red potatoes because they taste good no matter how you cook them. boiled or fried or as new potatoes. he gone now. I listened to him and found I get good results from growing them.

as soon as I got home I cut them up while watching the news.  after a few days they scab over or heal. then they are ready to plant. i probably have enough to fill up at least one 80 foot row. I might have to fire up my tiller. don’t know when the garden guys are gonna till. I gotta have these in the ground soon.

I bought two kinds of cabbage plants. I have 6 plants that mature in 58 days and 6 that mature in 55 days. we like to make home made cole slaw. we also like to fry cabbage.  I cut some up and put in the freezer for stews. I will plant these in my grow boxes and buy some more to plant in the potatoes.

I bought some bulk seed.  its cheaper than buying individual packages of seeds. I bought 2 scoops of radishes and one scoop of carrots. I use them  in companion planting. they help other plants grow. and I like to eat them.

the nursery didnt have onion plants yet. i will have to go back to buy some.  last year we staggered the planting of our onions. we were able to eat them all thru the growing season. we saved the last bunches and stored in our basement. we were able to eat onions we grew for about 9 months of the year.

when I go back to the nursery i may get some Yukon gold potatoes. I will buy enough of them to have another 80 foot row. i know diabetics gotta watch out eating potatoes. the starch converts to sugar. i imagine that natural grown veggies are better than refined sugars. I avoid those.

before the rain came I emptied out my rain barrels. had to clean out the dirt, leaves etc. I am glad I did that. the rain filled one barrel. the wind blew over the other barrels so the rain didnt fill them. i stood them up as it was raining and caught some rain. now i have some rain water saved up. it is too early to use in the garden.  I will use it for starting seeds. I also use it to water my chickens and my loyal dog, konugish.

we are getting pictures of Andrew and Samuel at Disney world. I like seeing the pictures. I sure miss the boys. I am glad they are having that experience of traveling and seeing other things. I imagine they will be more grown up after this.

cant help but to hear about the corona virus scare going on. lotsa misinformation out there. I read and hear about what is being said. some say to avoid large crowds. hmmm okay. and to stay home. got that covered. and to be socially isolated. well I guess I don’t have to worry about catching it. I imagine it aint that simple. I stay home a lot but still catch colds or flus occasionally.

gotta do my chores.