getting closer to planting

the onion plants came in at the nursery. I bought 4 bunches of them. I will stagger their planting again. i don’t want them to mature at the same time. usually I cut off the top third of these plants. then I soak them in root stimulator. that encourages root growth. I get a good crop of onions from that. I prefer plants to bulbs.

I also bought 3 pounds of yukon gold potatoes. I have them cut up and curing already. I will have red and yellow potatoes. they both taste good. I will fire up my tiller when it gets slightly warmer. I wont till the whole field. I will turn over just enough to plant two rows of potatoes.

i ordered some seeds from this heirloom seed place. I ordered kale, green beans, peas and some Abe Lincoln tomato seeds. I ate one of those tomatoes and liked the taste. I had to grow some of them. I want to freeze or can the green beans and peas for the coming  year.

some one asked me once when do they plant a garden. I answered when that indian plants, then you plant. he asked what indian? I said me. it was a joke. I been doing this for many decades. but there is always someone that knows more than me.

I will not let the coronavirus scare stop me from planting my garden. eh. if I don’t plant, the fear mongers will have won.

I don’t know what will happen with this virus thing. hey lets shut down all ball games, schools, pow wows or large gatherings. well at least we trying to keep sports fans safer. we cant protect school kids from shooters but we wont let a virus get to them. Italy tried all that and the virus still spread.

some believe if they stock up on toilet paper they will be alright. others think it only affects older people with health problems like diabetes. if that’s true then I should be worried. some say if you  avoid large crowds, stay home and become socially isolated you will be okay. in that case I will be alright.

but wait I am heading to new York at the end of next month. I dont know what this will do to my trip. I wanna go anyway. this country indian needs to see the city lights.  I have said if I aint dead yet, I may never die. you will either catch the virus or not. and if you do catch it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you gonna die. I figure whatever happens, happens.

the coronavirus scare cause edgar winter to cancel his concert at our casino. well damn. I had front row tickets. I am too old to be doing drugs while listening to Frankenstein. that is one concert I would have wanted to see though. i like blues. I don’t care to see 80 year old country singers or disco.

today I am ordering another pair of walking shoes. a tribal program gets me a 50 per cent off on Nikes. my old ones are wearing out. I only wore them for my walks. they lasted.  what the hell, it is per cap tomorrow. most of mine goes toward paying down on my newer rav4. so this indian aint running to town to spend it.  I will get a new pair of shoes.

I need chicken feed. do I  venture out? maybe if I take a roll of toilet paper with me I will be safe.