pre-self quarantine

i was outside last evening. as soon as I opened the door I seen deer standing by my mailbox. I went back in. I didn’t reach for a gun. instead I grabbed my camera. the Nikon’s batteries were dead so I got my cell phone. I walked back out and the deer took off as I started shooting pictures. there were 5 of them.

the corona virus scare is forcing many to stay home. i stay home already. so I guess I am not a forced quarantine.  I prefer to stay home. after years of bumming around the country, i value a place I call my own. I don’t know what will happen but I aint taking  any chances. I will stick close to home.

my planned trip to New York City will have to be rescheduled. we had plans to see the yankees play while there. I also wanted to go to soak in the hot springs in Colorado. I would have camped out. that will have to wait until another time.

I really don’t know what to make of all this corona virus stuff. I usually buy in bulk already. I can eat food I grew, picked or gathered all year long. there is no need for  me to stock pile like what is going on. I will go to the meat locker to get a bundle of meat though cuz its per cap. cant eat toilet paper or hand sanitizer.

people are demanding that coronavirus tests be made available. I don’t want a test. I want a vaccine that decreases the  chances of me coming down with coronavirus. I don’t understand why our country was so slow to react to this crisis. our government should have jumped on this as quick as they do making tax cuts for the rich. again our government proved how inept it can be.

I cant believe all the cancellations going on. it is better to be safe I guess. I am disappointed that the ncaa tournament was cancelled. I wanted to see if KU would win the national championship. we had a real good shot. pow wows have been cancelled. I planned on having a stand somewhere this year.

I was watching the news as I always do. one report said a side effect of the shut downs will be people will become more socially withdrawn. we are being told to be socially distant. don’t understand that. I see many that already do more texting than conversing with others.

yesterday I went to the senior site for the one day flea market. I wanted to visit the people with the stands. I knew all of them. mary always has a stand. my sister also had a stand.

the last few days nation station (where everybody knows your name) has gas on sale for $1.50. a lady next to the pump I was at said it was on CNN. the story was we had the cheapest gas in the nation. I didn’t see it so I don’t know if that was on tv. I filled up my tank. usually it don’t go on sale until after I have a full tank.

gotta do my chores