life goes on…….

its hard to believe what is going on in this country.  schools and businesses are closing. church services are cancelled. even casinos and pow wows are closing. hmmm must be serious then. or most likely it is a precaution. maybe if our government acted sooner we would have contained the virus better by now.

I wonder if people are actually staying home. I know I am. we are cancelling our trip to New York City. it would have been at the end of April. still too soon to know if it will be safe by then. we are even getting one meal a day delivered from our senior citizen program.

I don’t know what will happen because of the corona virus. I can see how some people react out of fear or greed though. the hoarding is stupid. again I say you cant eat a case of toilet paper. I also seen that people were bulk buying and reselling online for a big profit. one guy had 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. amerika.

I am getting scam emails about what to do about the corona virus. I don’t read them so I don’t know what all they are offering. they are sent to my junk mail. they get deleted after a while. I check my junk regularly so nothing important gets deleted.

I am scheduled for my quarterly lab and med check tomorrow. haven’t heard of that being cancelled. I didn’t walk as much this past three months. I only recently started walking again. I hope my numbers are okay. I know my weight hasn’t gone up. I cant lose but at least I aint gaining more weight.

life goes on. no doubt it will be changed for awhile. we are staying home for the time being. we aren’t bulk buying. we usually have food put away.  we have nenwezhek, dried corn, wild rice, dried squash, indian beans and frozen veggies. besides turtle, squirrel, deer and buffalo we have meat from the locker. it isn’t full of chemicals like some at the grocery stores. we get fresh eggs daily.

that is not because of the virus though. it was what I learned. work during the year and put away for the future. it was a part of our life. them old Indians knew something. maybe things will come to that again.

I bought some pants about a week ago. it was from a place that was going out of business. I found some that had a 29″ inseam. I bought two pair of them. usually they only have 30″ inseam.  that is too long for me. the bottom hem drags and eventually becomes frayed.

I seen some jeans that had holes cut into them. that is a style now. the jeans were on sale for $159.  I remember back in my hippie days wearing pants with holes in them. I can still remember the looks I got when I wore pants like that. people were looking down at me. now its hip. it aint cuz they poor and its all they have.

tomorrow is st. patricks day. that is when some plant potatoes. others do it on good Friday. I tell people I am neither irish nor catholic so I plant in between those dates. my potatoes I cut up are about ready to plant. an old lady told me she already planted onions. I haven’t yet but bought my onion plants.

I bought a tiller off craigslist last year. I may fire it up soon. I don’t know when the tribal garden program will be up and running. my potatoes and onions gotta go into the ground soon. I can take care of that. corn wont be planted until the first part of May.

will see what happens.