getting ready to plant early crops

the boys are staying with us since all Kansas schools are closed. Andrew has an online site that he is supposed to do school activities on. dont know if that is still on or not with school closed. he and Samuel got no problem playing video games though.

i have been staying home. I recently filled my gas tank at $1.50. now gas is $1.29 at nation station. yeah after I filled up. I don’t plan on going any where. that tank should last me awhile. I will need gas for my tiller and mower though. I will get it at that price.

some one asked me if I was practicing my social distancing. I replied I have been doing that for 20 years. I never know if someone is mad at me or not. don’t know if they don’t like me, or my family or my dog. I usually go around people I know that aint petty over trivial stuff.

I am thinking sooner or later trips to china will be cheaper.  travel there is halted. once all this passes, and it will pass, then prices will drop  no doubt. they will have to attract tourists. it might take a year or more but it will eventually happen. then I will be able to afford the price.

temps were be in the low 70s tomorrow. I will make use of the warm weather to work on my raised beds. I will pull the weeds. I will also turn the soil over and add compost to them. after that I will transplant the already started cabbage plants I got from the nursery.

I will plant some of my onions. not all though. I will stagger their planting. I want to eat them for most of the year like i did last year. I will also scatter some radish, kale and pea seeds. maybe some spinach too. don’t wanna get too carried away. I will only plant cool weather crops.

I will start some seeds on the heat pad I bought. they will be warm weather plants like tomatoes, squash, melons and peppers. they will have a good start before I transplant them outside.

charlie our gold fish has made it all winter. i bought a dozen goldfish last year to put in my rain barrels. they eat the mosquito larvae and other bugs in the barrels. i had two left when it got cold. my barrels had an inch of ice covering the water. i thought if they made it that long they deserved to live.

i broke the ice in the barrels and got the two out. i moved them inside. one made it a day then died. charlie survived all winter. the boys wanted him as a pet. he will move outside to the barrels as soon as it warms up. I will buy more gold fish to keep my rain barrels clean.

edgar winter was scheduled for a concert at our casino. he would have performed tomorrow night. i hope he reschedules. I might play his song ‘Frankenstein’ tomorrow night.  i say that indian casinos were built so you could see all the acts you missed 30 years ago. they should pass a law that anyone over the age of 70 shouldn’t rock n roll anymore.

gotta do  chores.