staying home

I have been staying home. I only ventured out to my quarterly lab test. other than that I haven’t gone anywhere. well yesterday I did go for my two mile walk on the road. that is still social distancing. aint nobody on the road. N Road is a thousand miles from nowhere.

Andrew rode his bike along side us. it is the second time he came with us. I imagine he will do that more often now. he likes to hang out with misho and gramma. he can coast down the long hills. we help him push his bike uphill. so it isn’t too much for him. we wanted him to get out side and off the video games he and Samuel play.

it was a little windy but the temps were in the low 70s. I pulled weeds in my raised beds. when it warms up again I will finish turning over the soil in my grow beds. I only got 3 of them done. the soil looked good. it also had that good earthy smell that rich soil has.

the ground is too wet to till. cant till mud. I an anxious to get my potatoes in the ground. I did plant some carrot and radish seeds. it is suppose to get cold today and tonight. it will start warming up after that. the seeds should still germinate. I have plenty more if they don’t. it is cheaper to lose a few seeds instead of plants.

I have some compost left from last year. I  will add it to my raised beds. I have a lot of leaves laying around from the many trees I planted in my yard. I raked some up and started a new compost pile. I have more leaves to rake up. I will add chicken manure to the new pile later. gotta get something back from my chickens other than eggs.

i wanna see if I can get some of the buffalo manure to add to my compost pile. don’t know what that will take. it is just mizi laying on the ground rotting away. not worth anything to anyone. but once someone wants it, I bet there is a law against it. viva la sovereignty.

we are trying our best to be self quarantined. we aren’t taking unnecessary chances. thing is people no comprende that. we have had people come over for various reasons. we cant be rude and chase anyone off. I was taught to welcome people into your home.

we just trying to be safe. now we hear some one on the rez is being tested for the virus. nothing confirmed. but it hits close to home. other indian communities have cases in their homelands. we are not immune from it. I remember old Indians saying ‘everything the world has, we have’. I hope it doesn’t hit our rez. life is tough enough.

will see what happens.