easing into spring

our casino has been closed down. the parking lot is empty. didn’t think I would ever see that. I don’t know where this areas’ old people are hanging out with the slots, bingo and the buffet shut down. that corona virus has shut down much of this country.

this picture was last week. i had to get gas at $1.50. now it is selling for $1.15. my tank is still full because i havent been anywhere. no cabin fever yet though. i have been a home body for years so staying home don’t bother me.

the tribes’ face book page reported a person under investigation for the corona virus. no one has confirmed  whether the case turned out to be negative or positive.  we don’t know if the virus has hit our rez or not. the announcement has been shared over 160 times on facebook. no way of counting how many times it has been read.

this is the rez. people believe the first thing they hear. if the truth comes out later that don’t change what people wanna believe. no update yet. haven’t seen anything on the local news. they report how many cases there are in the state and where they are located. none said the rez had a case under investigation. should practice social distancing anyway.

maybe I am overly cautious by staying home. but it is my choice. I am a little older and I am diabetic. they say a guy like me would be more at risk. I stay home to be on the safe side. I want to live long enough to see what my grand kids are gonna do in life.

our grand sons have been staying with us out in the country instead of living in Lawrence. they are keeping us company. I haven’t seen my grand daughters. yesterday they called on face time. we got to see them and talk to them. my daughter called on face time too. modern technology brought them into our home. their smiles brighten our day.

it rained again last night. that will put off tilling my garden. the potatoes I cut up are ready to go into the ground whenever. they will keep. I also have onions to put into my grow boxes.

while i was in the mood for gardening I started some seeds. I have them in seeds flats that are on top of a heating pad. the pad is suppose to have an 80 to 90 percent germination rate. I hope so. I started seeds in the past that didnt germinate because it was too cool. that’s why I bought the heat pad. I also ordered a grow light.

i started kale, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomato, bell pepper, habanero peppers, jalapenos and cucumber seeds. I have some hatch pepper seeds somewhere that i havent found yet. I want to start some of them so I can have green chiles. I also want some zucchini but I have a problem with bugs getting them. I will have to try companion planting with them. certain plants keep bugs away.

i am gonna butcher a coupla hens. I am waiting some egg drop soup. fresh killed chicken makes the best broth for that. I will use fresh eggs with that soup. I want some tortilla soup too. home raised chickens make it taste better. I have 15 hens and am getting plenty of eggs. I can afford to clean a couple.

dont know what made me think of that bob marley lyric ‘what be, got to be’.  yeah.