is it spring yet?

I got my grow light delivered to my door today. I plugged it in as soon as I got it. good thing. some of the seeds I am starting have broken ground. the light will stop them from growing too tall too soon. the light will make them stronger.

i havent had a light like this one. it has red and blue lights. I aint sure about which light to use so I am using both red and blue for now. I will read up on it. one is for budding, one for root development or something. like I said I gotta read up on it. the light has a 3, 6 and 12 hour timer. I set it for 12 hours to begin. I will adjust as needed.

once these plants get off to a good start I will put them in sunlight. after that I will start another 72 plants. I am determined to have a garden again this year. if i cant get out to buy plants I will start my own. I save many of my seeds such as indian corn, indian beans, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.

today i also had 4 blue berry bushes delivered. they are year old bare root plants.  they were delivered by mail. I put them into 4 inch pots with peat moss. I will transplant them after they develop a good root system. we eat a lot of blue berries. I want my own bushes. I tried growing  some before and they didn’t take. i am trying again.

I will dig holes on this slope I have that is hard to mow. I will add peat moss and pine needles to the holes. I will plant my blue berry bushes there. they can bush out without a problem on the small hill side. that is a good place for the bushes to be.

i seen my strawberry plants are greening up. I have 4 grow boxes full of them. I seen that some of the runners that took off last fall have rooted. I thought alright, free plants. I transplanted them into the boxes where I had bare spots. last year I had real big, sweet berries. the boys ate them as soon as they turned red. I will have plenty this year.

i am pulling weeds and raking leaves. I have a big compost pile already started. i will keep adding to it. I threw my eggs shells and coffee grounds into the grow boxes over the fall and winter. now they will go into the compost pile. I will add chicken manure to it too. got piles of it in the chicken house.

I turned over a shovel full of soil in my field. it wasn’t clumped together as mud. it may break apart as it warms up. tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 degrees. that might be enough to dry it out some more. I will fire up my tiller and break ground for my potatoes. I will also till in front of my chicken house and tool shed. I grow vine crops in front of those buildings.

if it sounds like I am getting ready to garden I am. this stay at home thing means I might have to do what I can to get a garden going. I don’t think anyone will be out tilling this year. good thing I had some cash last year when I seen a small tiller up for sale on craigslist. it will be valuable to me his year.