gonna have potatoes

this don’t look like much but it is the beginning of my garden. I will plant in this field this season. it layed fallow last year. I only had a row of potatoes in it. I planted in the plot on the other side of my drive. I will rotate growing between the two plots. gotta do that so the soil can rebuild itself.

I started to till ground to plant my potatoes. I have said you cant till mud. you can work around it though.  I broke the ground first. I let that dry some. then I tilled again so the tiller went deeper. it has dried some more over night.  I will go till it again today. the ground will then be workable enough to hill it up. I gotta do it before it rains tonight.

after I till and hill it up I can plant my potatoes. I cut up my seed potatoes a week or so ago. they  have sprouts coming out of the eyes. they are ready to plant. I will be able to do that later today.

I am glad my tiller fired up with no problem. I had it sitting in my car port over the winter.  it works great. that tiller will be a work horse this year. I will have to till my whole field later so I can plant my corn. it is still too early for that.

i have been busy around the home place. i have enough chores and spring clean up to keep me busy. i don’t know if i will build more grow boxes. i would need materials from the supply places to fill them up. Shawnee county is shut down. that is where i would buy supplies.

i am a little disappointed that with all this going on, our government is desperately trying to bail out the rich.  as an after thought they will give  a thousand bucks stimulus check to some. like a chemok per cap. i will take it as others will. most wont care that the rich will benefit the most from this though.

why not give it to the poor and middle class. they could use the help more than people with a million or billion dollars in the bank can. instead of the trickle down theory it will be the trickle up theory. reality is it will still end up in the hands of the 1 per cent anyway. as soon as the poor and middle class buy food, pay rent, shop, pay bills etc. it will end up in the bank accounts of the rich.

in a time of crisis the rich still find a way to profit. their congressional flunkies and puppet leader will see to that. they can operate on money that aint theirs to make it theirs. the national government is more concerned about the economy than in stopping the spread of the corona virus. profit over lives.

this corona virus will change the world. once it passes will we be better people because of it? we know where our leaders stand. we see that average people are the ones stepping up to help others. we should vote out the ones not helping. they got rich enough, give someone else a chance.