got some things planted

I am using the time I am staying home to do some gardening. it took some doing to get hills mound up for planting potatoes in. I did it though. I have a row and a half each of red potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes. my rows are about 80 feet long. I like the red potatoes and mary likes the gold.

I transplanted strawberry plants that developed from runners last year. they took root outside my grow boxes. I put all of them into empty spaces in my grow boxes. I now have 4 boxes of strawberries. I planted onions in these boxes as companion plants to keep bugs away. I get two crops from the same grow boxes.

I also have a grow box of carrots, radishes and peas. the radishes have broke ground. I put up a tomato cage I made out of fencing wire for the peas to climb up. I transplanted my cabbage plants to two other grow boxes. I put onion plants in them too. I grow a lot of onions because we use them in our cooking.

the seeds I am starting look good. I will be able to transplant the kale plants soon. I will have to move the tomato and cantaloupe into bigger pots. my water melons and hot peppers haven’t come up yet. if they don’t I will put more of their seeds into the starting flats. I have plenty of seeds I saved.

I have a couple of grow boxes that need repairs. I will fix them and get the rest of my grow boxes ready for planting. it is still early for planting most things. I am only getting  in cool weather crops now.

I may be a little ahead of the game. usually it rains so much in the spring that it is hard to get my garden tilled. as soon as the ground dries out, it rains again. I have been depending on the tribe. now I have a small tiller. I used it to  turn over the ground for potatoes. with the tribe shut down I  might have to  till my whole garden. glad I bought that tiller now.

we walked on the road yesterday. did our usual two miles. it was kinda foggy out but the temperature was  57 degrees. not warm but not cold. we kept moving so it wasn’t bad. no one on the roads while we walk, other than the ones going by in cars. we are still able to have social distancing. we are going for another walk today even if it is windy.

we are doing more facetime calls since we are home. I like that feature on phones. we get to see our daughter and grand daughters when we are talking to them. I never did do the skype thing.

I have wild onions growing every where in my yard. I transplanted some from the timber years ago. they took off from there. I will dig some up. I like wild onion gravy. I will  also dice some up and dry them for use later this year.

now I am waiting for morel mushrooms to come up. wont be long now.