end of march

they used to say the month of march  ‘comes in like lamb, goes out like a lion’. or vice versa. I didn’t notice it being rough or mild. it will warm up the first part of april. temps will be in the 70s or near that for the next 10 days. my spring cleaning will begin now. same with walking on the paved road.

we are going into our third week of self quarantine. trying to do our part about not helping the virus spread. I am not afraid to die. I just don’t want to die. thats the worst case scenario but i dont want to get sick either. I am an older guy with pre-existing health problems. I don’t want to take any chances. why be sick if you don’t have to be. staying home is a small price to pay.

staying home  hasn’t been boring. i am a home body anyway. we have plenty of things to keep us busy. I have my chores and I am getting ready for gardening. it is still too early to start most seeds outside. I am starting seeds indoors. when it is time I will transplant them into my grow boxes or garden.

I ordered another heating pad, a thermostat for it and plant light. i like the ones i already bought and am using now to start seeds. I will use the equipment i bought in coming years too. it will be a good investment in my gardening. I wont have to buy plants from nurseries anymore. I do start warm weather crops directly into the ground. don’t need equipment for that.

we have been doing good about staying home. I did go after water. I wasn’t concerned because I would be in my car the whole time except at the water place. it only allowed one person in at a time. I got my water and left. I have to have bottled water for my coffee. I can taste the chemicals in my coffee if I use tap water. I love my coffee too much to allow that.

our coffee maker went out on us last week. we had to use a cowboy coffee pot for a day. our son brought us a new coffee maker. gotta have my coffee. I have changed to drinking it black the past few years.

another time I was out I went for a drive on the rez. I wasn’t planning on being around anyone. I drove over to the buffalo pen to take pictures of our tribal buffalo. I took the pictures with my Nikon camera. I got a few good shots. the picture above is one i took. my cell phone cant zoom in as close as my nikon.

i got an email that said I was chosen for a grant to study coronavirus. I sent it to my junk mail to be deleted. I cant get over how some one would even try to scam during this time. I wasn’t surprised by the ones trying to profit off it though.

gonna see what happens….