doing chores

I seen a squirrel again while on a drive around the rez.  that is still social distancing. naturally i didnt have my  .22 that’s the way it goes. i did have my camera though. I try to remember my camera for that one picture I gotta have. that’s why I have thousands of pictures.

I have seen squirrels in the timber while mushroom hunting. they were grays though. the grays are getting more common than in the old days. I  see more of them the past decade or so while hunting. I even seen squirrels that were red and gray mix.

i went mushroom hunting again yesterday. only found about 8 of them. I am keeping them until I find some more. if not I will have them with scrambled eggs. we didnt get the rain last night. so I wont go out today. they are predicting rain on Friday. I will go after that.

i moved my tomato, watermelon and cantaloupe plants into bigger pots. i started them from  seeds. they are healthy. i have them under plant lights. i reseeded into those empty spots in the starter flat. I wanted to make sure i had hatch peppers, leeks and green peppers. I restarted them because I don’t know what is in my second starter flat. better too many than not enough.

i transplanted my cucumber and kale plants i started from seed into my grow boxes. i reseeded in those empty spaces in the seed starter flat. there better not be another killing frost. I am taking the chance there wont be. if not, my cukes and kale will be off to a good start.

i planted some big sunflowers in with my cucumbers. i also added some peas to this grow box. they are companion plants. i planted onions with my kale. I now have 10 grow boxes that are already planted. most are cool weather crops. I will transplant my warm weather things later.

while i was working in my grow boxes I noticed that my strawberry plants are starting to have flowers on them. wont be long before they have fruit on them. my grandsons will be out there checking on them. last year they ate most of them.

while in the timber I checked out the gooseberry bushes. they too are flowering. they should be ready next month sometime. I always remember this old man who always said he was born ‘when the gooseberries are ripe’. same here. i was born in May.

i transplanted many gooseberry bushes in my tree line behind the house. I look at them every year for picking. they haven’t done well. I think it is because they are in between my ponderosa pines. the pine needles must make the ground too acidic. I may have to go back into the timber to pick gooseberries.

I burned off my old garden spot. it was full of grass and corn stalks. I  wanted it clear in case the tribe can till it. if they do, I  will reseed it with clover as a  cover crop. it will lay fallow til next year.

got more chores to do.

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  1. I was reading about your gooseberries not doing great and them being near pines. I remember as a kid up in Wisconsin being told that gooseberries and pines pass a rust disease back and forth, so they don’t do well when they’re near each other. I don’t know if it’s the same down here, but that might have something to do with it, maybe?

  2. I bet you are right tanya. I didn’t know if that would have worked or not. I just planted them there because it was out of the way of mowing. they have been there long enough they should have produced by now. since they haven’t I guess the soil us too acidic. now I am wondering if blue berries would work there.

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