my birth month

the count down for my birthday begins. at my age birthdays aren’t a big deal. I am only aware of it because we are conditioned to celebrate birthdays. I am happy that i have lived this long. my birthday is 9 days away. I will be 68. that aint real old but sure isn’t young. before my birthday my grand daughter and daughter will have their birthdays.

i seen my first hummingbird of the season. good thing I filled my feeders. I ordered 3 more feeders off the internet. I will get them next week sometime. the hummingbirds usually come back every year. I like watching them. I even held one in my hands once. it got caught in my screened in porch. I caught it to release it.

i seen that more inmates, at a prison I worked in, have tested positive for covid 19. some estimates are that 3/4ths of the inmates could possible be infected. they were strictly stay in place. that means that the virus was brought into them.

i heard that over 10 thousand residents of nursing homes have died from the virus. again they were stay in play. the virus was also brought into them.

the spread wasn’t as widespread as predicted. that is because many stayed home or in place. but some didn’t stay home. if our government had acted earlier maybe this would be winding down a lot sooner than it is expected to.

i can see that yes people have spread the virus. thats why we have over a million cases. more than anyone in the world. even if we are the greatest country and have the best resources. the virus still spread.  yesterday Kansas went up 500 cases in one day. that proves it isn’t confined to ‘out there’.  no one can know for certain exactly how many more cases there are because of lack of widespread testing.

I stayed home but people drop in here occasionally. I don’t think they quite understand that they could bring the virus to me. yes they can go where ever they want, that’s their right. but I wish they wouldn’t put me at risk.  I have enough health problems. I don’t need anymore. and I don’t wanna possibly die cause someone else thought it was okay to go where ever the hell they pleased. its like they couldn’t care less for the well being of others.

they are easing up on restrictions. I am still gonna stay home. I don’t wanna sound like a rebel but I don’t believe our government. I can only take care of myself. if that means staying home a little longer than I will. that is my right. I just hope that others don’t come here to put me at risk. some experts predict a second wave.  I wanna be safe if that happens. if it don’t it don’t cost any one else, just me.

i am not afraid to die. when my times comes, I will go. I had a life. I just don’t wanna die for nothing. or die because some one else carelessly brought about my demise. that probably would be a fitting end for me.

all this virus stuff made me wonder bout something. I wonder why more tribes arent trying to help our Navajo brothers out. tribes lined up for standing rock. this is a different cause but it is still Indians. I realize tribes are shut down and got no casino revenues rolling in. but at the best economic times of our existence are we still living hand to mouth?

oh well maybe I am thinking too much. I better get back to gardening.