almost done planting

I am almost done with planting. I put in 8 tomato plants yesterday that I bought at the farmers market. I have romas, Rutgers and mortgage lifters.  I want enough to eat and have some left to can. last year excessive heat zapped my plants.

the Abe Lincoln tomatoes I started from seed didn’t do well. the same with my kale and hatch peppers. I don’t let setbacks stop me. I buy established plants from nurseries or farmers markets.

I used to grow tomatoes around a 5 gallon bucket with holes in it. you filled it and it was suppose to drip deep around the roots. I read about that set up and tried it. I didn’t like it. I will replace the bucket with a drip hose. I can just turn on the hose instead of hauling the water.

the tomato plants are inside a big cage I made for support. they will be staked too. I don’t like my plants falling over onto the ground. I added composted manure and compost to the area. I will add mulch later.

I finished planting 3 more grow boxes. I put in  Anaheim peppers and jalapeno peppers. I had 3  volunteer cilantro plants that musta been from last years fallen seed. the plants were growing outside a box on the ground. I transplant them into one grow box.  now I have 14 grow boxes planted. no maybes, mights or gonnas. these are planted.

yesterday a guy from the tribe came to till up my two field plots. I burned off the corn stalks and weeds from last years garden. I have a plot on both sides of my drive way. I alternate growing between the two fields. I don’t wanna over grow in one spot.

I was grateful the tribe tilled. I would have had to go till it up again with my small tiller. it wouldn’t have been tilled as deep as the  tractor turned it over. I seen the weeds I missed have grown big, now they are all turned under.

I will plant my indian corn this coming Saturday in one field. I will leave the other field lay fallow for next year. I will plant a cover crop in it this fall. my sons are gonna help me plant our corn. we should be able to get it done in no time. a few days after the corn comes up I will plant indian beans. then I will plant squash. then all my planting is done.

there is a slight chance it will rain Monday and Thursday. that may settle the tilled ground somewhat. we will still be able to plant our corn. last year we planted in the mud. it didn’t dry out because we had a wet year. I hope the ground will be workable next Saturday when we plant.

I checked my fitbit my daughter gave me. I have over 10,000 steps for the past 12 days. 10 thou is the daily goal. I wasn’t hitting it regularly but I am now. mary and I walked 8 miles on the road this past week. the previous week I was mushroom hunting often. and I have been doing my gardening. that all added up to getting my daily steps up.

all this physical activity has me at my lowest weight in some time. I still have a pow wow gut though. its harder for old people to lose weight. I am still working on it. I am always busier in the spring.

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