month of may

mary took this picture of me. it is on the bridge over little soldier creek. we cross over it when we walk on the road. we stop there to look at the creek while taking a water break. and no i’m not showing off my fairly new nike walking shoes i got for 50% off.  i do some leg stretches on the bridge railing.

this bridge is the first one i worked off back in my bridge building days. I used to bring my .22 to work with me. there were always squirrels running around. one day we were working and we heard the gun go off. we look up and the inspector was holding my rifle. he said I got him. we looked and sho nuff. he dropped one. he said he was from Kentucky and had hunted squirrels. the other indians I worked with thought he was alright after that.

we had to take the boys back sunday. I went to this side of the road place that sold flowers and other plants. I lucked out and found some kale plants. I bought a 4 pack of them. they will fill up one grow box and give us lotsa kale. we add olive oil and sea salt to it then bake it. good healthy snack. or we add it to soups. yesterday we had goulash with some dried kale in it.

whilst in the big city of topeekie I bought 10 bags of mulch. I use it to keep weeks down. I will put some around my tomato plants. the rest will go around my grow boxes. besides keeping the weeds down it makes walking easier after a rain. no mud to deal with.

when I am in town I wear gloves and a mask. I was kinda hesitant to wear them. then I see others wearing masks. the ones that don’t wear masks or gloves look at me like I am over reacting. so what. I am being safe. they are the ones that should be given looks. that’s how the virus spread.

i fixed up a soaker hose around my tomato plants. I spliced it together with a piece of garden hose. the garden hose is in between the two cages. I don’t want to waste water where nothing is growing. it will only water around the tomato plants. all I have to do is hook it up to my outside faucet and turn it on.

it is suppose to rain again Thursday. our newly tilled garden is already soaked. I hope the ground dries out enough for us to plant our indian corn on Saturday. we will plant anyway. last year we planted in the mud. we gots to have corn this year. its been some lean years lately.

today is the birthday of my grand daughter of Cecelia. we named her miamikwe. she is 6 years old. I sure love that little girl. I like it when she comes up to her misho and gives me a hug.

tomorrow is my daughter hatties’ birthday. we had planned on going out to visit her in southern California. we were going celebrate our birthdays together. we will still go out there for a visit after this virus stuff subsides.

then sunday is my birthday. I seen that 3 fires is  offering curbside service. this staying home indian is wanting a steak for his birthday. I always order the same thing, 6 ounce filet mignon, house salad and loaded baked potato. I see no reason to change. I like that meal. i like that i will have a steak dinner for my birthday. alright.

forgot to add I am wearing red today to focus awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. there shouldn’t be any missing or murdered Indian women. life is already tough enough.

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