still doing spring chores

I took this picture a few years back when I was in Alaska. there were always a lot of eagles in this tree on an island. long ago a chief had his ceremonial house on the island. they rebuilt the house and still use it.

I would go there every day while I was in town. it was about a mile walk from my motel. I like seeing this many eagles in one place. I was able to walk up to the tree while the eagles sat on the branches. I put my sema down there.

i am not complaining about staying home. I am finishing many spring chores. and my garden is off to a good start. yesterday I added some sweet potato shoots to a grow bed. the only thing I haven’t planted is indian corn, indian beans and squash. we will plant corn this weekend. and the rest later.

I planted over 30 trees in my yard over the years. i have red oak, pin oak, ponderosa pine, redbuds, silver maple, sugar maple, choke cherry, dogwood, gum tree, weeping willow, red elm, flat cedar, mulberry and walnut trees. i lived long enough to see most of them grow tall. i have shade in many places in the yard.

there were a lot of tree branches in my yard. most were caused by wind damage over the past months. I spent yesterday picking them up. I didn’t want to mow around them.

a young elm tree fell over in my yard. it left a stump that I cant mow over. I moved my fire ring around that stump. I started a fire to burn the stump off. I threw in all the tree branches I was picking up. I took care of two things at the same time. now I can mow without going around something.

i had a young tree that grew up in one of my raised beds. i didnt want it to go to waste. I transplanted it to another part of my yard. I am pretty sure it is an oak. acorns drop from a nearby pin oak.

mary asked a guy she went to school with about sage plants. he found some with seeds in them. I will be start some plants from the seeds. a friend gave me some plants a few years ago. I got a lot of sage from them. I am running low now. that’s why I wanted the plants.

last week we walked 8 miles on the paved road by our house. so far this week we have 4 miles. we will walk some more this week. probably not today. it is suppose to rain this afternoon until tonight. I am logging steps on my fit bit. and I am drinking more water.

I was under the impression that 3 fires steak house was open. kinda but kinda not. I wont be able to have a filet mignon for my birthday. a ham dinner wont make up for it. I have been hungry enough times in my lifetime that I was set on that steak. another day I guess.