planted indian corn

today is my last day to be 67 years old. from tomorrow and on I will be able to look back at the times when  I was only 67.  last night 3 fires had a ribeye steak in their curb side service. we ordered that since there wont be any steak dinners tomorrow for my birthday. I couldn’t finish my steak so i had the rest with eggs for breakfast this morning.

today we planted our indian corn. my sons and grandson helped me. we got a routine down. I would drag a pointed hoe underneath a string line to dig a kinda straight line furrow. it was easy in freshly tilled soil.  the rain didn’t pack it down. some one would drop corn seeds into the furrow I made. then someone would rake soil over it to cover it. we took turns doing different jobs.

we planted the seeds deep enough that the birds cant uproot it when it sprouts. and we planted enough that if they do get some, we still have some too. we planted 14 rows that are roughly 87 feet long. we did it in a hour. we took one short break. I soaked the corn seeds overnight in rain water.

later I will plant indian beans when the corn gets to be a coupla inches high. after that I will plant squash. I will also plant some giant sun flowers and melons in the corn. they are also companion plants. I might soak the sun flower seeds with salt then bake them. if not, they will be bird seed. may be both.

once I have all them in the ground I will be done planting. then I sit back and hope I get enough rain when its needed and enough sun when it is needed. I talk about weather a lot because I am so dependent on it.

the weather guy said we might have frost last night. he suggested covering plants. I didn’t. the plants were alright today. no visible damage. it will be 35 degrees tomorrow night. I wont cover plants tomorrow either.

yesterday we finally got our stimulus check. that aint buying my vote though. we aint running to town to spend it. it will get spent. no doubt about that. it takes money to live. maybe I will buy something off the internet.

I did buy some cds from on line. I bought a  package of oldies cds. I wanted the johnny rivers, van morrison and roy orbinson cds that were part of the package. I had to take the ELO, bryan ferry and billy joel cds because they were part of the deal. last week I bought a James Brown cd. that was after I watched a movie bout his life.

I am still looking for a worm composting system since I got a few bucks. I can use it year after year. I will always garden. worm compost has more nutients than regular composting. that’s why I want this system. buy it once and use it over and over.

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