haul it away

what do you get some one who who spent years going to garage sales, flea markets and auctions? one of these things. it is a dumpster provided  by the tribe as a service. we trash things we don’t need or want. we have this for a week then the tribe picks it up and takes it to the dump.

i’m no hoarder but I gotta get rid of stuff I accumulated over the years. some of the stuff is broken. like I bought a pump at a garage sale. I bought it to pump water from my rain barrels to my plants. the guy assured me it worked when I asked. it didn’t. it is sacrilegious to sell broke stuff at garage sales.

i had a bird bath made of concrete. I got it at the farmers market for a good price. that means cheap. as the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. the concrete kept chipping off so i couldnt use it to provide water for my birds. it wasn’t worth a damn.  it too went into the dumpster.

some Indians like me gotta learn they have to get rid of stuff. i started to clean out my tool shed yesterday.  I need room to work. I have to finish cleaning it today. I park my riding mower in that shed too. I want it to last longer.

i started to mow yesterday. I was mowing and the mower stopped. I got off and it was making a kinda gurgling sound. gas was pumping out of where the air cleaner was. I called my cuz. he came after it to see if he can fix it.  that mower is only 4 years old. he says its hard to find parts. most companies want you to use them to fix things. but sears is out of business here.

once i get all my spring cleaning done I will have more room. maybe I will take my stimulus check to town and buy more treasures eh. that is if I don’t have to buy a new mower. then it will be like I didn’t even get a check. I am hoping it can get fixed.

yesterday we took the grand sons back to their mother. they stay home in Lawrence during the week to do school work. then they come to the country on weekends. on the way back we stopped to get a slab of bbq ribs. happy birthday to me.

i borrowed a chain saw from one of my nephews. he didn’t use it much because he bought bigger saws. this saw is just right for smaller chores like trimming off branches or cutting up fallen limbs. we need one so we made him an offer. he accepted. now I can trim more branches where I mow.

it is suppose to rain pretty much all week. that will be good for the corn we planted Saturday. I will do more cleaning. the dumpster goes back on Thursday. it will be full by then, I am sure.

gotta get busy.