more spring cleaning

been doing more spring cleaning. we got rid of lotsa things that wouldn’t be worth any thing to anyone but us. they had to go.  we got our moneys worth out of everything we had. at past flea markets mary sold things that were still good. we found more for future flea markets.

my tool shed is cleaned. my tools are hung up on the peg board hooks where I can see them. I can find about any tool I need to do chores. i made sure of that. I will be able to use my shed again.

today i have to clean out the storage room in the garage space. rez folk dont use garages to park their car, they use it to store things. that room caught all kinds of trash and junk. it will be gone now.  later I will build some floor to ceiling shelving in there. it will be usable storage space.

the dumpster thing will be hauled away tomorrow. we made good use of it. I am glad they have this service. we have been busy trying to fill it before they come get it.

my cousin ordered the part for my riding mower. I am glad it is fixable. I didn’t want to buy a new mower. this one is only 4 years old. my last mower last about 8 years or so. I put this one in my tool shed when not in use. I figure if the old one lasted that long outside, this one should last longer stored inside.

it was suppose to rain all week. it hasn’t. my corn should come up maybe this weekend. it usually takes about 7 to 10 days for it to break ground. after it gets a few inches tall I will plant indian beans.

i got a lot of happy birthday wishes on facebook. some said wish you many more.  at my age, there are more behind me than ahead of me. I will take all the years I get though. I want to see my grandkids grow.

i never was one to wear any jewelry. couldn’t wear rings because I used my hands a lot in working. I didn’t like wearing watches. felt to tied to time. now I am wearing a fit bit my daughter gave me. it took awhile to get used to. it makes me conscious of doing my step challenge and drinking water. it also keeps track of my sleep.

i have been logging 10 thousand steps a day. there are days when I don’t hit that many. some days I have way over that. as long as I keep walking I guess. thats what is important.

i sold 5 and a half dozen eggs in the past week or so. I sell them for $2 a dozen. i aint trying to profit, I use the money to buy chicken feed. the 14 hens I have are laying almost a dozen eggs a day. the breeds I have lay the big brown eggs. i get fresh eggs every dayout of the deal.

gotta get busy,


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