first crop

had my first picking of radishes. normally I dont use salt.  but I added a dash of sea salt to a fresh radish and enjoyed the taste. I had them for breakfast twice now. these don’t have that hot or woody taste to them. the trick is to pick them early and not let them get that way.

I have them planted with carrots and peas. the radishes will be long gone by the time the carrots ripen. radishes help the peas. I have more radishes and peas in another grow box for a  later picking. most of the time I can plant a second crop in these boxes.

got a message from someone this morning. the guy said he lost his tomato plants to hail last night. that was in topeekie. he asked how my garden was. I said it missed us. we only got rain. my garden is doing good. I would hope so. I put a lot of work into it.

we had no trouble filling up the dumpster thing. we got rid of lotsa junk that we hadnt noticed we had. we lived in this house for the past 35 years. things accumulate. or break down. I tossed about 3 tents that were missing tent poles. kinda wished I coulda tossed a few of our worthless national leaders in there too.

we cleaned the basement, tool shed, porch and garage storage room. we spent all week cleaning. it was worth it. it kept us busy. cant be bored when you are doing something. I don’t feel trapped at home like some. I enjoy being home. we have plenty to keep  us busy.

i remember old Indians saying you gotta keep where you live clean. in the old days some would sweep their camp sites clean. one old man said if your house aint in order, your life aint right.

got a package of seeded out wild sage in the mail. it came from the Dakotas. I already planted some of the seeds. i grew some from plants a friend gave me years ago. I am about out of that. i use sage to smudge occasionally. same with my flat cedar. I like the smell of both.

I noticed a few nenwezhek plants coming up. they are still small yet. they will get to be picking size before too long. I will go pick some. gotta have some for the rest of the year.

back in my younger day I used to hunt bullfrogs. I liked the taste of bull frog legs. had to have them every spring. now I only eat them  in a place that serves Cajun food or sometimes in a Chinese restaurant. Indians aint the only ones that eat frog legs.

I haven’t hunted bull frogs in years. there weren’t any more frogs at the  old ponds where I used to hunt. I don’t think we hunted it out. we always left some. I see a few frogs in the creek below the bridge we walk over. they aren’t very big though. sure miss eating bull frog legs.

gotta go pick up the grand sons. time for their week end in the country.

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