middle of may

my strawberries have berries on them. wont be long before they ripen. the plants have lotsa flowers on them. I don’t know if we will get to one of those strawberry picking places. they had one this morning but we couldn’t make it. my plants will have to do. probably wont get enough to freeze or can. the grand kids will eat most of these as they ripen.

my cabbages have big leaves on them. its the center head that I am after. nothing like home made coleslaw. I only have 7 cabbage plants. that wont be enough. I might buy some at farmers market to put away for soups and stews this winter.

i went to topeekie this morning with my son joe. he needed some sheet rock. so did i. I glommed onto a ride. I said while I am down there I might as well get some 2 by 4s and a few sheets of plywood. I wanna make some work benches and storage in that closet I cleaned out. it is in the garage. by creating storage space i can move things like canning jars  and large cooking pans into it. that will give me more work room in the car port.

i wore a mask and gloves while in the store. I am amazed that maybe half of the customers didn’t. the state of Kansas is gonna partial open tomorrow. I still think that is too soon. i will still stay home awhile longer. someone close to me that lives in another state has caught the virus. she stayed home and was cautious about going out. that goes to show that you never know.

that’s why I am try to be careful. some people don’t care. they are out and about but they still go around others that stay home. don’t know if they purposefully trying to take others with them if they catch it or not. they got a right to do what they want but they got no right to put others in danger of catching virus.

i thought my corn would be up. sometimes it is in only 7 days. it will be up soon. i will plant sun flowers in the corn. maybe even some melons and cantaloupe in with the corn. they are companion plants. if I have any bare spots I will reseed. it is nice to have some open areas in the corn field though when it is time to pick in august. it gives a little room to move.

i have a doctor appointment tomorrow. I was suppose to go awhile back but my appt got cancelled. I rescheduled for last Thursday and that was cancelled. so i am going tomorrow. I will have a new doctor from now on. I miss my old doctor. he took good care of me. hope I continue to get good care.

i did cleaning the past week. this week I will do some building. I have some sheet rock that needs replacing. then I will build my work bench/storage. I always have something to keep me busy.

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