bird watching

some people have to work at attracting birds to their yard. i am lucky. i planted over 30 trees here.  it took the last  35 years for them to get big. birds take refuge in them. i can hear birds singing all day, everyday. i like being outside where I can see and hear the birds. sometimes we leave the doors open for fresh air and to hear the birds singing.

i took this picture of a wood pecker that is around the yard. I also took this one of a humming bird. I have two different kinds of humming birds. I read that the red nectar isn’t any good for them. I changed to plain sugar and water in the new feeders I bought for them.  I have to feed them for the next few months. I am okay with that.

when i go to town I wear a mask and gloves.  it is a K U Jayhawk mask. gotta support my team. I have another mask that is kind of an Indian design. I got my masks from a lady making them for senior citizens. now people are selling them. in America nothing is free except aid for the rich.

i notice the nenwezhek is getting a little taller. I will pick some soon. I like to pick them when they are young and tender. I prefer the taste. I get my walking in when I pick nenwezhek. I like being out in nature. its so peaceful.

I checked on my Indian corn. some of it has broke ground. I always think of new life when I see that. the rest will come up soon after. I think we planted it kinda deep. that’s okay. birds will dig up the germinated seed once it breaks ground if planted shallow. then the plant dies. that don’t happen when we plant the seeds a little deeper.

I am hoping we get a good crop of corn this year. we had a few off years. we are lucky we have gotten enough for us to eat. I also take some to ceremonies to give thanks for what we have. I really value our corn. we made kakasuwabo out of the seed we had left over from planting. an old man said corn is sacred, you shouldn’t waste it.

I will plant my indian beans in the rows of corn when it gets a few inches tall. after that I will plant my crooked neck squash. I will also plant sun flowers in the corn. I got a big sunflower head full of seeds. it is the kind that grows real big. if I get enough sunflower seeds, I will salt them and roast them.

I did order the vermiculture system. a what? basically a worm farm for composting. worm castings have more nutrients than regular compost.  I garden all the time. I need to add organic matter to my grow beds every year. I will still have a regular compost pile to go with this system. I should get my worm composting system this week. then I have to order worms for it. and I gotta find a paper shredder that shreds card board for bedding.

I noticed deer tracks in my yard by the tilled garden spot. I cant believe they come this close to the house. well we do have a pond in the hayfield that they drink out of. we live in between the pond and the timber the deer come from. once I dropped a deer by my mail box. I thought that was too easy. I don’t hunt much anymore.

I have to tear out some sheetrock and replace it. it is in the storage closet in the garage. I will add a work bench in it. always busy.

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