new life

nothing says new life to me like our indian corn coming up. i always remember an old lady telling me corn was our life. as long as we have it, we have life. i like seeing my indian corn when it appears in the spring. it makes me feel like my life goes on.

now i sit back and hope for the right amount of rain and sunshine. i am dependent on mother nature and our mishos for providing it.  they work together for our benefit. too much or not enough of rain and sunshine affects what kind of crop I get.

my vermiculture system was delivered yesterday.  now i am  a worm farmer. dont know if that is such a thing. I have to order worms now. I wanted to make sure I had the system first. I didn’t want to keep the worms without their own place. after the worms reproduce I will even have some for fishing. I haven’t gone yet.

the worm farm is smaller than I expected. but that’s alright. it is a convenient size. that will make it easier to move to my basement in the winter. i will leave it outside during the summer and fall. I will have to read on how I take care of this worm farm. i have no problem studying up on anything I don’t know about.

sometimes I think I watch the news too much. seems like there is a lot of bad things that happen in this world. good thing I get reminded that there is still lots of goodness in this world too.

a friend i met on the trail of death called me this past week. he was just checking up on me during this shut down. it made me feel good that he cared enough to ask how I was doing.

my cuz who is working on my mower called me. he said the part my mower needs is on back order. parts are hard to get nowadays. he offered to come to my place and mow and weed eat my yard. I told him he could add it to my bill. he said no, this wont cost me a thing. he and a helper of his came and mowed the yard. it really looks nice.

a friend I haven’t seen in a few years stopped by to visit. he too was just checking up on me. we had a good visit over a cup of coffee he brought as a present. I gave him some sema as a present. mary gave him some new golf balls. he was gonna send me cedar. I told him the cedar trees he gave me several years ago are about 7 feet tall. they will give me all the cedar I need.

on my birthday I got about a hundred happy birthday wishes on social media. even though I am staying home I got greetings from people I know. old guys don’t celebrate birthdays as much as younger folk but it was nice to hear from the many people I know.

these few things made me glad there are still lotsa good people in the world.


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