1st cook out today

we had to go to topeekie this morning. we aint got cabin fever but it was nice to get some road time, even if it was only a short drive. we had a list of things to get. we don’t run to town for just one thing.

we were out of bottled water for our water cooler. we use it for coffee and tea too. some say there is no difference between bottled and tap. they haven’t drank our tap water. it gives a funny taste to coffee. I love my coffee. I want to enjoy the taste of fresh ground Colombian Supremo coffee.

we have 5 gallon water jugs that we fill up at the water place. they aren’t busy most of the time we are there. we filled up 3 jugs. that should last us a few weeks. I wore a mask and gloves in there. only one person per car is allowed in. i like that kinda safety.

i built an eight foot work bench in our garage closet. I had to build it inside the closet. it woulda been tricky getting it inside if it was already built. I moved lotsa stuff in there already. it took a lot of clutter out of the garage.

i have some materials left over. I want to build another work bench in the car port. i needed some more nails.  I went to the lumber yard to get some. I wore a mask in there as well. people that don’t wear masks give a look to ones that do. i don’t care. I don’t think there is such a thing as being too safe. covid was spread by people who weren’t safe.

when i got home I worked in the garden. I filled 3 flower pots with potting soil mix. I added some more salvias for my humming birds. I also planted two pots with a bee pollinator mix of flowers. the flowers will draw bees to help pollinate. I will fill a few more flower pots with them. no such thing as too many bees.

i am soaking some mattwaoshe and rabbit bean seeds. I will plant them in my corn. i will also add some sunflowers in there. it is suppose to rain for the next few days. I wont be able to get in the garden once it is wet. i better get them planted today. that wont take long.

since my corn is coming up we decided to have some of our dried corn. we had some buffalo roast to put in it. mary put it on before we went to town. it was done when we got back. that soup was real good. four of the grand kids are here. they all wanted more corn soup. andrew has been helping us plant the corn the past few years.

while in town we went to a meat market. we wanted to cook out today.  we got hot dogs to go with burgers and shrimp. I also wanted jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. we toss them on the grill and they are good. we will also have watermelon, cantaloupe, potato salad, and corn on the cob.

we havent been to town all that much to spend our stimulus per cap. but we got serious. i mean sirius. we listen to music all the time especially when we travel. now we can drive anywhere and heard some righteous tunes. both cars have sirius radio on them. i listened to 60s music on the way to town and back.

gotta get busy before we eat.

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