eating my veggies

i picked some of our new potatoes and green beans. mary cooked them with some bacon and chicken broth. the broth is from the chickens we cleaned. she added some of our onions.  the fresh green beans and new potatoes tasted real good. my gardening is paying off. i get to eat fresh vegetables that i grew.

i caught another raccoon. felt no pity for the critter as i said ‘say hello to my little friend”.  then i offed it. the raccoons wiped out my chicken herd. they didnt even eat all of the chickens. it was like they just killed them. a lot more ruthless than me.

it was caught in the dog proof trap. my new live cage was empty. i got my new dog proof trap but it aint got the anchor to it. i gotta rig it to stay in place while the critter is caught. or order the missing part from the place i bought the trap from.

i am not gonna replace my chickens just yet. i will rebuild my chicken yard. the poles holding up the fence are leaning in. it dont look pleasing to my eye. i will straighten it out. i have to cut down the mulberry tree that they climb upon to get to the roof of the chicken house too. i want to see how many i catch first. when it tapers off, any chickens i get will be safer.

we walked 2 miles last night. we heard it would be 100 degrees today. didnt think we would walk in that.  we walked 30 miles this month. thats our best month in some time. now we gotta keep it up.

i have been saying i wanna hit the weights. its rare i go into the basement during the summer. i gotta force myself to lift. i dont get into it that much. i mainly do it to burn more calories. and they say that strength training helps old people in a number of ways.

my worm farm still has worms. i have been trying my best to take care of it. had it for 3 and a half weeks. i add food when necessary. i belong to several groups dedicated to worm composting. i read up on tips and how to on these sites. i am big into learning about things i have an interest in.  it is getting hotter. i moved the worm bin to the basement. dont want the coming heat to kill my worms. it will be in the basement this winter anyway.

i ordered a book on doing quillwork on birch bark. i am making a fan. some dude traded it to me for a roach years ago. i have been wanting to fix it up. i decided i wanted a birch bark handle. that is an old style you dont see often. underneath it will be rawhide to strengthen the handle. i want a simple design on it. i will practice on scraps until i am sure of my quill technique.

i had my doctors appointment. my numbers are going down. that is the right direction. the doc upped my dosage of meds.  she said she would see me in 3 months. that is good news. i will keep trying to improve my health by walking, eating better etc.

last item on my bucket list is to live long enough to be a crabby old man. but i said i wouldnt be mean when i am old. i will go out with a smile. hell yeah

home on the range…

took this picture of my home place as we were coming back from a walk. i wanted a good shot of my corn field. the corn looks good right now. still have over a month before it is ready to pick. too many variables can happen in that time. not enough or too much rain. not enough sun or too much heat. gotta wait and see what happens.

i like this picture of my trees.  i moved in here about 35 years ago. the house was in a hayfield on my misho’s allotment. the ground around it was bare and had no trees. i planted most of these trees.  a few volunteers came up.  when i am working outside i can sit under the trees for shade while taking a break.

we walked 8 miles this past week. that makes it 3 weeks in a row that we walked that many miles. we walked 28 miles in 27 days. that is probably our best month walking so far. we are trying to keep it up.

we went to the farmers market in kansas city yesterday. we weighed the pros and cons of a trip to the city. we are aware the covid crisis is far from over. the numbers are still going up. it is definitely not a hoax. we will only stop its spread when everyone is actively trying to help. i see many that just dont care.

we have stayed home. we have taken precautions. we knew our hour drive there and hour drive back would be in the car. at the farmers market we wore face masks as did most others. the market is outside.  the threat of rain may have kept some home. it wasn’t packed. that was good for us.

we have been wanting to go to this farmers market. they have more stands to choose from than the one in topeekie. i prefer things that are grown locally instead of trucked in.  i can go to the grocery store if i wanted trucked in veggies n fruit.

we wanted to stock up and fruit and vegetables. and we did. i made  3 trips back to the car with full bags. we bought watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, peaches, cucumbers, kale, sweet corn and tomatoes. i grow some of these but mine arent ready yet. i noticed i had green beans to pick when i got home.

i want to start juicing again. i can drink a glass of veggies. fresh home grown veggies are the best to use for that.  gotta get our fill on what is in season. this winter they wont taste as good or be as nutritious.

i havent caught any more critters the past two nights. i will keep setting traps. i wont buy any more chickens until i am sure nothing is coming around. i want my fresh eggs.  life isnt suppose to be easy. i wont quit because i lost my chickens. i will just start over. i have done that many times in life.


caught ’em

i caught a raccoon and a possum. the possum was caught in a live cage. the raccoon was caught in a dog proof trap. i just had the live cage delivered a few days ago.  i borrowed the dog proof trap. i have one of those on order. i should be getting it soon.

i will continue to set traps for the rest of the week. when i stop catching critters i will get more chickens. i dont let set backs stop me. i probably raised chickens at least 30 years of the 35 years we lived here. dogs wiped out my chickens once when i let them roam free.

i will call this one farmer that has hundreds of rhode island reds. those are my favorite chicken. i will get about 20 of them. some will be laying this fall. i will still get eggs.

i usually feel bad if i gotta kill an animal. well not so much if i am hunting. i know that is part of getting food to eat. i didnt feel any remorse killing these two critters that killed my chickens. actually i felt kinda glad they are gone. they wont ever eat another one of my chickens.

mary and i cleaned the last two chickens we had. i didnt want to lose every one of them. it didnt take long. i made a fire outside to heat the water. i tied the chickens upside down and slit their throats. they bled out as they hung there. we dipped them in the hot water and plucked the feathers off. we cleaned enough chickens that it didnt take us long to get done.

i had already lost 1 rooster and 12 hens. and about a dozen eggs a day. i still feel like i have to go out to the chicken house and feed them or bring in the eggs. old habits. now i got no chickens. hell yeah i am happy i killed that coon and possum.

i had my lab tests this morning. they drew some blood and i have to fill a cup. i have a doctors appointment on monday. my new doc wanted the tests done before i see her. my medications depend on the results of my tests.

i went to another one of my grandson’s baseball games last night. they wanted to spend the night with us before they head to the southwest this weekend. they will leave tonight. so we got a house full of grand kids today. i like that. i love any time i get with the grand kids. i still swear i was kept alive to see my grand kids.

i picked all my cabbages. we had fried cabbage. it really tasted real good. home grown cabbage tastes so much better than store bought. we diced up the rest and put them in food saver bags. we froze them for soups and stews later.

the hayfields in the surrounding area have been cut. the renters of this allotment havent cut our hay yet. it is usually cut by this time. i would always get worried about the field catching fire when we light fireworks. the grass is still green now.

the little rain we got the other night helped my corn. we ‘pose to get more. good.

went to a ball game

i went to andrews ball game last night. i texted his mom to tell him misho was coming to his game. he liked that. we drove to lawrence to watch the game. we had our lawn chairs to sit on.  we had no problem with social distancing. people sat in their own groups.

after the game we gave andrew and samuel a hug. we wont be seeing them this week end. they will go see their grand mother from the southwest. they will be back the following week end. misho will probably have to buy fireworks.

we got home late. the game wasnt over til 9 o clock. i had a dog proof trap set for the raccoons that killed my chickens. i also had a live trap set. it was set off but nothing inside it. the raccoons killed all my chickens but two. i will clean them today. i will at least get a coupla meals out of them. i wont buy any more chickens until i trap the raccoons. i ordered some more traps.

we picked some wild black berries yesterday afternoon. there are some volunteer bushes on the north east corner of our house. i didnt cut them down because last year i picked some of the berries. i did stake them to a t post i had. we filled a freezer bag of them. we will use them in a ttibekwe.

there are more black berry bushes by the ditch near our mailbox.i noticed some of the berries got dried up from the early heat we had. thats why i was surprised we had some by our house. maybe it was because they had some shade from the house.

i check on the indian tea i am drying. i fluff it up in the brown paper sack it is in. that is so it gets air and dont stick together. dont want mold to form. i will continue to dry it for a few more days. i should have enough to last me a good part of the year. i used to pick it when i was young. we didnt get to buy pop in them days. so i drank indian tea. as a diabetic i have to stay away from pop today. i can live with that.

the predicted rain we were suppose to get didnt materialize. my corn would really benefit from it. after i cut the suckers off my corn it grew. some of it is waist high. some rain would give it another growth spurt. the squash and indian beans i reseeded havent come up yet. they needed rain.

today i will mow the yard. temps are in the high 70s now. it wont get too warm today. i dont like mowing when it is hot. the grass hasnt grown too high. we didnt get that much rain. i want to keep it cut though. no sense in cutting high grass.

i went after my meds. they changed my metformin. they asked if i heard about that. i said i seen something on facebook but you cant believe everything on that site. i guess the dosage i was taken could cause cancer in some people. i dont wanna die from diabetes or cancer. or covid. or boredom.

got no more chickens. one of my chores is gone. i have plenty of others to do.

picked indian tea, losing chickens

i went to pick indian tea. i wanted to pick it before the field is mowed for hay. i can get more later after it is hayed. i picked alot. it weighed about 4 pounds. thats the most i picked. i want enough to drink tea thru out the year.

mary and i stripped the leaves off the stems. i have the tea leaves drying in brown paper grocery sacks. it is in my tool shed. it get hot in there because i have alot of window area. its almost like a hot house sometimes.  after it is dried i will start drinking indian tea. it is a good all around tonic that is good for the whole body.

i was walking my usual two miles. i seen movement in a tree. i stopped to have a better look. it was a small raccoon. then i seen two other raccoons. they were all the same size. the mother musta been out hunting. i took a picture of the little ones.

the little raccoons might be considered cute. but i dont think the one that i caught in my live trap is. it is one of the critters that killed many of my chickens. this one was caught in the cage and there were other dead chickens in the chicken house. must be others.

that raccoon was so big, he ruined my live trap. he ripped up the pressure plate that slams the door shut. the metal was bent. raccoons are tough, til you put a bullet up side their head. i ordered another live trap to replace the ruined one. i will get it delivered thursday.

i set a ladder against the chicken house. i checked out the roof. it is made of corrugated sheet metal. i have some sections that are green fiber glass. it takes the place of windows and lets light in. the green stuff is brittle from being exposed to the weather. the raccoons made a hole thru it to get in.

i nailed a couple of corrugated sheets over the top of the holes. no raccoons got into the chicken house last night. i will continue to set my trap til i catch more. i will bbq the next one i catch. it fattens up on my chickens and i will make a meal out of it. that completes the circle of life eh.

i once had a rooster and 14 hens. now i am left with 6 hens. i got 4 eggs yesterday. that is enough for us. i used to sell my surplus eggs to pay for chicken feed. i seen an ad that advertised chicks on craigslist. i called and talked to the guy. he said he had hundreds of rhode island reds of all ages.

i said i will call back after i took care of my raccoon problem. rhode island reds are my favorite chicken. i like raising chickens. it gives me something to do. i will get some that are 4 months old. they will lay in a month or two for sure. i might get some chicks for next year.

life is never dull. there is always something.

first day of summer

as a gardener, i am always grateful for the rain we get. we didnt get much but in this early heat, any rain we get is welcome.  the ground still has big cracks in it.  they are predicting some more tonite. we got enough rain to make the grass grow.  i will have to mow again.

the rain will give my indian corn a growth spurt. my corn is doing good. that is what corn i have. it has bare spots in it. deer ate some of it. i didn’t reseed. i am going with what i got. as if life, i take what i get.

i cut the suckers off my corn. the main stalk grew visibly taller after this rain. but some of the suckers grew back. i cut some of them off. i have more to do. this rain should make the beans and squash i planted come up. none of the squash came up the first time. i noticed the mexican kickapoo squash came up this time. i will wait to see if the crooked neck squash comes up.

my rabbit beans in the grow beds are doing real good. i have a lot of them. a few of the mattwaoshe beans have started to come up. i will need to water them til they come up. i want to get a good crop of beans. i do have some growing in the corn field too.

last week some thing killed my rooster. i fixed what i thought was the weak spot. several days went by and nothing. thought i took care of it. last night something got into the chicken house and killed 5 hens. my dog is too old to fend off critters. used to be, he would never let any animals into the yard.

i saved two of the carcasses. i will use them as bait in the live cages i have. i did that before and they never bothered it. i will try again. i bought a baby monitor. i will hook it up in the chicken house. if i hear any noise i will go out and blast the varmint. cant be nice about it. once they start killing chickens they dont stop. that is until they are killed themselves.

just got rid of cable. now my internet is making me question my supplier. i get a real weak signal. i called them. they said they would come here friday. if not then monday. yeah yeah. i dont know what the other internet companies are like. i asked a few people what experiences they had with other companies. the company i am with just isnt fast enough. i will look at replacing what i have. i am not getting my moneys worth.

i considered ordering boltons book. then thought naw. why didnt he testify back when they had hearings. yeah i know, it wouldnt have mattered. our president gets a pass on everything he does. i will pass on the book. i will hear whatever is in it anyway.

i walked 8 miles last week. i plan on walking again today. if i do that will be another 8  mile week. gotta walk first though. kinda reminds me of this hunter. he was aiming in on a rabbit. some one came by and asked him how many he had. he answered if i get this one and two more i will have 3. now thats optimism.

gotta rig up my traps n the baby monitor.

working before the heat kicks in

i was doing my gardening chores this morning before it got hot. i weeded my grow beds. i pulled the weeds and put them in my compost pile. i had a pile of them. my compost pile is mostly dried leaves. i need the green to make it hot.

after i did that i watered the grow beds. they are close enough that i can use a garden hose. we are having warmer than usual temperatures for this time of year.  mid 90s. that kind of heat can zap young plants. mine are doing okay though cuz i have been watering everything. my rain barrels are bout empty. we need rain.

while i was working outside i looked at my new raised beds in front of my tool shed. i seen some green. it was my rabbit beans coming up. the mattwaoshe beans havent broke ground yet. i have been watering both. i have both beans in my rows of corn too. these are in grow boxes that i can water.

i have been missing auctions. there is a site i go to and see what is up for auction. last night there was an on line bidding only auction. i seen it had what they called a piece of leather. it looked like commercial tan white buckskin to me. it is pictured in the collage on the left.  i put a $10 bid on it. i won the item. i called the place in tonganoxie. they said they could ship it for bout 13 bucks. i said okay. i will get it by monday.

we are always looking for the snapping turtles we seen below the bridge we walk over. i had my camera along when i took the picture of one turtle. it was submerged in the water. that made it hard to focus on. the other one stayed in the deeper part and i couldnt get a picture.

i get the county rag. one of the features i read are the arrest records. i see if any of my relatives have been up to no good. the paper wasnt putting that in there. they just started back up. i remember they put my name on the front page of that rag bout 40 years ago. it was for public intox. musta been a slow news week. or what i did was the crime of the week.

i thought i was done with the rip off cable companies. i seen my bank statement had a charge from them. i called them up to see what was going on. i told them i cancelled my service. the lady told me policy was they had to charge the full month up til the 26th of this month.

i tried to be nice to the lady. it was the knuckle head that i dealt with that didnt tell me that. i could have watched cable for the past few weeks if i had known that. but i already took down the cables that were hooked up to my tv. well now they got their last dollar from me. i ignore their appeals to come back for $39 a month. (only for a year, then back to full charge). why didnt they cut the fees while i was a customer? oh well i am out.

gotta run to town. its my grandson samuels’ birthday. he gotta get a present from misho.

building mode

i must be in a building mode. i already finished two 8 foot long work benches for my garage. now i have built two raised beds in front of my tool shed. i have planted here before. i grew cucumbers in this spot. another time i grew bird house gourds. it was on bare ground. now i have raised beds with enriched soil to grow things in.

i had some leftover indian bean seeds. i had soaked them before i planted them in the rows of corn. i noticed that the beans were sprouting. i didnt want to waste them.  i built these grow boxes to plant them in. you cant have too many indian beans.

i made the trellises a few years ago. i will use them again for the indian beans to climb up. i mixed up composted manure, cotton burr compost and top soil together. i filled the grow boxes with this mix. it is rich soil that i put on top of a layer of dried leaves. i had to mix up 3 wheel barrows full to fill both boxes up.

i have to feed  the worms in my vermicomposting system. whatever i feed them i will get back in worm castings. i will add that organic matter to my grow boxes.  i have this ninja chopper thing that cuts up veggies. it is better for the worms if they have smaller bits to eat. so far i have chopped up over ripe straw berries, dried leaves, plantain and  cantaloupe. i put shredded paper and card board in there as well. 

i gave the worms some coffee grounds. i will  grind up some egg shells later. they will eat the egg shells if they are small enough. that is for grit they need to help digestion. i belong to several worm composting groups on facebook. i am learning from those sites. those composters have been at it for years and share their tips.

i got one of my playlists made up. i will have to put it in the order i want to hear. usually my favorites are first. i lost some songs. kinda hate that. i dont have the cds with those songs on them. i wouldnt have had those tunes if i didnt want them. i gotta have my music when i work or drive on a long trip. i have more lists to upload to my phone.

i have been without cable tv for awhile now. its not a question of whether or not i can live without it. i am living without it. and i am saving over a hundred bucks a month. i am happy with the outdoor antenna i bought. i can watch local news, colbert etc. i have netflix, amazon prime and roku channels. i probably will add a package if we have a k u basketball season.

we are watching our grand daughters during the day. that has been fun for me. we have the grand sons on weekends. i live for my grand kids. i can never have too much time with them. they keep misho young.

gotta do my chores.

still doing gardening chores

still cant understand  some people when they told me they would be bored if they retired. i dont have time to get bored. i stay busy. i have told some that my life is a full time job. my only pay is personal satisfaction. i get plenty of that.

i have been working outside without my music. it got zapped off my phone. i have to make up my playlists again. most of my playlists were over 8 hours each. that is so i can work or drive all day and not have to change my music anytime.  i only hear music i want to hear. i  have to reload some tunes from my cds. good thing i didnt get rid of them.

i used to wonder why some old people would always get up early. now i am thinking i have become one of those old people. i have been getting up an hour or two earlier than i normally do. i take advantage of that by doing chores in the morning before it gets hot.

i did get all the suckers cut off my corn stalks. i also reseeded squash into the rows of corn. i noticed that the deer musta ate some of my indian beans. i soaked some seeds overnight. i will plant them in the corn too. i doubt its too late to plant them. its worth a gamble to plant them. the few remaining plants wont give me many beans. got nothing to lose by planting more.

i finished transplanting my sema plants. they are somewhat evenly spaced in rows. i have been watering them in this heat. i carry a watering can to do that. i could use a hose but i need to get my steps in. my fitbit keeps track of how much walking i do every day.

we didnt get walk last night. i was aiming to get in one more walk to make it 10 miles for the week. my sister came over. she traded me a pie for some sema plants. we sat around outside and visited. i wasnt about to chase her off to get to my walk. we welcome company. we talked a long time.

i have been thinking about requesting an absentee ballot for the november elections. on the other hand if i go to mayetta i can be sure my vote gets in. i know there wont be a 5 hours long wait to get in to vote at mayetta. this isnt georgia. i can still maintain social distancing if necessary. it is never crowded in that little town.

time to change the gold fish charlie’s water again. i had intended to move him back out to the rain barrels but the kids like to see him swimming in the tank. i have a light for the tank. they leave it on during the night. so charlie stays.

i still have a list of chores to do. gotta put up my fire place, rebuild some of my screens i use to dry corn and squash, trim some more low branches etc.  there is always work to do. i better get at some.

logging more miles

my corn field came out spotty. i tilled in between the rows to kill the weeds. i seen why my corn didnt come up thick. many of the corn stalks had the tops chewed off. there were deer tracks in the corn field. i have seen deer tracks all spring. i am guessing they have been eating my corn. they  have eaten some of my indian beans too.

i went to topeekie to get some deer repellant. i used that before. it isnt 100%. deer still may come around. i will try anything. i dont want to lose my indian corn. i also put my hair that tangles up in my hair brush there too. and i shishi by the cornfield. deer arent crazy bout human scent. i will also put some spent bullets there. deer dont like the smell of gun powder either. i figure a combination of these things may keep them the hell outta my corn.

i got a call from the computer place that works on my computer. it was ready. they fixed it up. my virus protection was messed up. they removed it. they replace it with a free program. they told me the free ones work as well and they dont cost a thing. i can believe that. the one i paid bout 60 bucks for was attacked and messed up. now my computer is running good again.

i have been working outside most of the past few weeks. i was bit by a fly. i remember them old guys saying that means its gonna rain.  when i was working in the northwest i told that to a guy from the coast. he said his people said the same thing.

mary and i have been logging our miles. last week we walked 6 miles. this week we already have 8 miles. we might get 10 miles this week. i took the bottom half of this picture by the bridge we stop at to drink our water.

there is this plant an old man showed me. you crush it up to release the scent then breathe it in.  it helps your whole system. i use it when ever i see it. it usually grows along the road we walk on. the grass was cut recently along the road side we walk on. it looks nice but now that plant is gone. i liked breathing it when i walked.

today i will cut the suckers off the corn stalks. this leaves one main stalk that all the energy goes into. it makes a stronger plant. while i am cutting the suckers off i will replant my crooked necks. i dont know if the deer ate them or if the seeds i had didnt germinate. i have been soaking some over night.

besides the crooked necks i will also plant some other seeds. a guy asked me for some sema plants last year. he traded me some squash seeds that came from the mexican kickapoo. i ate the squash and liked the taste of it. i will plant a few rows of it. i will dry it if i get any squash from the seeds.

gotta get busy before it gets hot.