eye checkup, worms on the way

went to the eye doctor yesterday. it was my annual diabetic eye check up. it is a precaution because diabetics have vision problems some times.  a friend of mine who went blind from diabetes. they ran a number of tests on me, even dilating my pupils.  glad to hear my eyes are still good.

my eyesight has changed slightly. i ordered a new pair of glasses. that took more of my stimulus per cap. i lost my last pair so the ones i have arent as strong. i can see with them but i need to wear glasses when i read. i read alot. i took an old pair of glasses i bought from there. they used the frames for my new glasses. I saved a few bucks by doing so.

i ordered the option where my glasses darken when i am in the sun. some times the bright sun light bothers my eyes. i also ordered scratch resistant lenses. that paid off for me once when my lenses got scratched and i got a new lenses.

i ordered 1000 red wriggler worms for my vermiculture system. the worms will arrive thursday. i have to fix the bedding before they get here. we will feed them table scraps, lawn clippings and leaves we collected. now I am a worm farmer. I will use the worm castings in my grow beds. I will still use a regular composting pile too.

our tribal website announced the rez had our first positive case of covid-19. I thought  some acted like we can never catch it here. this case proves other wise. we are not immune from the virus. I really hope that we can contain it. I have close relatives that caught the virus but they don’t live on the rez. other tribes around the country are suffering losses because of the virus.

I have been watching the protests around the country over the killing of yet another black man by the police.  good to see so many cities stand up to the senseless killings. cant believe our president advocates shooting the protesters. he was thumping the bible after police tear gassed peaceful protesters to clear the way for him.

while it may be a surprise to some that racism still exists in this country I am not. there are too many killings of minorities by the police in this country. there is a systematic racism in this country. peaceful protests and riots havent stopped the killing of blacks, latinos and indians.

perhaps this is a time to listen instead of over reacting. or simply stop killing for no reason. how hard would it be for all police departments to tell officers “hey look the world is watching us. stop the brutality.’ other police don’t agree with the killings.

i finished painting both work/storage benches i made. the benches look better painted white than having that bare wood look. i am still moving canning jars, tool chests etc into the storage closet. my garage looks better now.

today i will add crooked neck squash seeds to my corn rows. i seen that my indian beans are coming up. now its time for the squash. i will have everything planted now. i am watering my sema plants. i will transplant them into rows with even spacing later.

i always have something to do. gotta get busy.